F.I.S.T., or Fit Institute Slow Twitch, is a professional tri bike fit accreditation designed by the creator of the steep-angled tri bike and Quintana Roo bicycles, Dan Empfield.

PROFESSIONAL TRI BIKE FIT / $175 Bike Fit        

A tri bike fit is essential when you put aero bars on your bike, whether you have a standard-geometry road bike or a steep-angled triathlon specific bike frame. Body position is, by far, the most important consideration when it comes to reducing aerodynamic drag, so you want to ensure you are fit correctly to maximize the benefits of an aero position. At the same time, it is crucial to maintain power output and comfort.

As triathletes, we also have the need to run strong off the bike and it has been proven time and again that proper positioning, utilizing a tri bike fit, will facilitate this. Every athlete will be interviewed to determine his or her custom needs for their fit. Tri bike fits always take into consideration the athlete’s goals, riding and racing distances planned, ability level, and flexibility.

Your bike fit will be conducted using a Computrainer® and sophisticated computer and video equipment. We carefully explain every angle that is measured and why it is important. You will be able to see yourself on the computer screen as adjustments are made so you are fully aware of all changes being made. Using the Computrainer® you will also be able see changes in your power output and your pedaling technique as your position changes.

After your bike fit, you will receive a CD containing all of your video files along with a document that summarizes your fit session and all measurements before and after adjustments for your records.

PROFESSIONAL ROAD BIKE FIT / $150     Taking corner

Optimize your position on your road bike to maximize comfort, aerodynamics and power. Using our state-of-the-art fit system, we will make sure that you end up on the frame that best suits your anatomical measurements and riding style. If you already have a bike and want to make sure that you are using the most of your physical ability, we will make sure that you are fit well to your bike.

We will examine your cleat placement, seat height, saddle setback, hip angle, and drop distance to ensure that you are positioned in a way that gets the most power to the road as comfortably and aerodynamically as possible. We will video your initial position as well as your position after any adjustments. The changes in position will be reviewed with you on the lap top computer so that you can feel that you are a part of the solution and can feel confident in your new position. Using the Computrainer you will also be able see changes in your power output and your pedaling technique as your position changes.