Malibu Olympic Tri, Lifetime Tri, Air Force Marathon, Bletch Trail Marathon, Skull Valley Bike Ride

Kyrsten Sinema – Lifetime Tri – 3rd in her age group!

Last weekend was super busy for racing! We mentioned Jona Davis in the previous post. She raced the ITU World Sprint Triathlon Championships in Denmark, placing 21st in her age group. But we had some awesome results stateside, too! Dana Kennedy stood atop the podium at the Lifetime Tri, while Kyrsten Sinema stood on her very first podium! Not to be left out, Melissa Samuelson also climbed up the podium steps for 2nd place at Lifetime. And in California, Sally Borg did it again at the Malibu Tri, placing 3rd in her age group. Congrats to all our stellar Camelback Coaching athletes!!!

Malibu Olympic Tri
Ryan Mitchell – 2:38 – 24th in AG
Sally Borg – 3:14 – 3rd in AG

Air Force Marathon
Frank Smith – 5:16 – 37th in AG – Frank has now run a marathon or longer each month for five straight years! What a streak!!

Tempe Olympic Tri
Jason Prenger – 3:58 – 21st in Ag – 44 min PR!!!

Tempe Sprint Tri
Melissa Samuelson – 1:21 – 2nd in AG and 10th overall!! PR!!
Kyrsten Sinema (pictured) – 1:33 – 3rd in AG!!
Dana Kennedy – 1:28 – 1st in AG!!

Bletch Trail Marathon, WA
Adela Riehle – 5:43 just a few weeks after doing the Titanium Man 140.6 race in MI!

Skull Valley Bike Ride
Joan McGue – 53 miles in 4:37 over a windy and hilly course.

ITU World Sprint Triathlon Championships – Rotterdam, Denmark

Congratulations to Jona Davis who competed in the ITU World Sprint Triathlon Championships in Denmark this last weekend! Jona has been a Camelback Coaching athlete for over 10 years, and this was her FOURTH World Championships! She has also raced in Edmonton, Canada, Auckland, New Zealand, Cozumel, Mexico and now Rotterdam, Denmark. She took 21st in her AG this year! Way to go Jona!!

Brian Toncray – 2017 Xterra West Regional Champion!!!

Congratulations to Brian Toncray for winning the Xterra West Regional Championship in the 25-29AG! Brian raced well enough in his Xterra triathlons over the past few months to gain enough points to win the title and qualify for the Xterra World Championships. This was his first full season of Xterra racing! Way to go Brian!

For those of you unfamiliar with Xterra racing, these tris consist of a 1,000-1,500m open water swim, a 30K mountain bike ride and a 10K rugged trail run. If you’re looking to add a new dimension to your triathlon racing and training you might consider Xterra races!

Endeavor Team Challenge Adventure Race – Bear Valley, CA

Here are some more photos from Brandon Welling’s adventure race, the Endeavor Team Challenge, that started on September 9th, 2017, in the Stanislaus National Forest. The event included a Crucible Road March (15+ miles), Night Navigation, rock climbing, orienteering, obstacle course, and more, as well as a Final Run (10+ miles). Brandon and his teammate finished 2nd overall!

Congratulations, Brandon!!

70.3 World Championships – Chattanooga, TN, Portugal 70.3, Endeavor Team Challenge Adventure Race – Bear Valley, CA

Brandon Welling – Endeavor Team Challenge

Some great races from this past weekend! Congratulations especially goes out to Kyrsten SinemaCJ Ketterer and Sharon Johnston who raced the 70.3 World championships in Chattanooga, TN!

70.3 WC

Sharon Johnston – 7:07

CJ Ketterer – 6:19

Kyrsten Sinema – 7:58 – despite suffering from the stomach flu and only a few months after breaking her foot!

Portugal 70.3

Dana Kennedy – 6:51 – 25th in AG only a couple week after racing IM Santa Rosa!

Endeavor Team Challenge Adventure Race (This race was completed over two days and included a 15-20 mile run, special challenges including rock climbing, night orienteering and hiking)

Brandon Welling (pictured) – His team finished 2nd overall!!

On a separate note, tonight’s IM lecture has been cancelled due to some scheduling conflicts. I’ll send a note before the next one.

Good luck to everyone racing at the Lifetime Tempe race this weekend! We will have our tent set up on race day. Feel free to store gear there and hang out before and after the race!

Santa Barbara Long Course, Maine 70.3, Anthem Sprint

Race results from last weekend! Congratulations to Joan McGue (pictured) for finishing the iconic Santa Barbara Long Course Tri in 5:38. This race is one of the oldest in the US, comprising a 1-mile swim, a 34-mile bike and a 10-mile run in beautiful Santa Barbara. Nice job, Joan!

Heather Grahame raced the Maine 70.3 Aqua Bike and took an impressive 4th place overall female (1st in AG) with a time of 3:32. Heather averaged over 20mph for the bike leg!

At the Anthem Sprint Tri, Sorin Tohatan finished in 1:18 and took 4th in his AG. Sorin will be racing AZ 70.3 in Oct.

Michigan Titanium Man, Backyard Classic 8-hour ultra marathon, KY

Sorry, we’re a week behind on posting race results after running off to view the eclipse! But here you go, from last weekend . . .

Congratulations to Adela Riehle (pictured) and Frank Smith for going long in August!

Adela raced the Michigan Titanium Man 140.6 race and finished in 15:36. Adela took first in her AG!

Frank Smith kept his marathon a month streak alive and finished the Backyard Classic 8 hour ultra-marathon run in KY. Frank covered 26.2 miles in 8 hours and took 33rd among the men.

Good luck to everyone racing the Anthem Sprint Tri!

USAT Nationals, Omaha, Mountain Man Olympic, Steelhead 70.3

David Hay – USAT Nationals

Hope you’re having a great week! We had some great results this past weekend! Our longtime athlete, Jona Davis, was first overall masters up in Flagstaff! That’s twice now in one summer!

USAT National Championship Sprint Tri
David Hay (pictured) – 1:30 – 21st in AG

Mountain Man Olympic Tri
Jona Davis – 2:40 – 1st overall female masters
Dana Kennedy – 3:08 – 6th in AG just two weeks after IM Santa Rosa!
Jennifer Talbot – 3:09 – 5th in AG
CJ Ketterer – 2:53 – 1st in AG!

Steelhead 70.3
Marc Suarez – 6:20 PR!! Marc will be racing IMAZ this fall.

Boston Light 8-Mile Open Water Swim, Boulder 70.3, Free to Breathe 5K-San Diego

Super racing last weekend! First, congratulations to Peter Lofquist who swam the Boston Light 8-mile open water swim. Peter covered the 8 miles (yes, 8 miles!) in 3:49! Peter will be racing AZ 70.3 in October. Note that BEAUTIFUL recovery in the photo!!! This is the swim coach smiling. 

At Boulder 70.3, Kyrsten Sinema finished in 6:54 just 10 weeks after getting her foot out of a boot following surgery! She did this a week after racing the Solana Beach Sprint in 1:14 and taking 17th in her AG! Kyrsten will be racing 70.3 Worlds in September.

At the Free to Breathe 5K in San Diego, Melissa Samuelson finished in 22:32 and took 3rd in her AG!

Congrats, guys!