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Troika Aquabike, Hawthorn 12-hour ultra run, St. Polten 70.3, Austria

We hope you’re all looking forward to a nice Memorial Day weekend! We had a few races this past weekend and some nice results! Congratulations to Heather Grahame (pictured) for racing well in her first Aqua Bike race (Troika) in Washington. She finished the 1.5K swim and 40K bike in 1:58 and took 2nd overall and 1st in her AG! For those of you who are struggling with running or fighting a running injury, the Aqua Bike format is quite good. Heather will be racing the National Championships later this summer.

We also want to give a shout out to Frank Smith who completed his 111th ultra or marathon distance run in the Hawthorn 12 hour ultra-run in Indiana. Keep it going Frank!

Kim Essendrup raced the St. Polten 70.3 in Austria over the weekend and finished in 7:24. What an incredible place to race. Find out more about this race at

Mike Dalton raced the Sand Hollow Olympic Tri and finished in 3:40 taking 14th in his AG. Mike will be racing the Kona 70.3 in a few weeks.

100-miler at Martha’s Vineyard, Santa Rosa 70.3, Florida 70.3

Last weekend, our athletes were hitting the long races! We want to especially acknowledge long time Camelback Coaching athlete, Todd Silva. Todd has raced Ironman triathlons and ultra-distance running events for several years. Last weekend, he went on a solo adventure around Martha’s Vineyard and ran 100 miles in 22:07. This was completely a solo effort. No volunteers, spectators, aid stations or course markings. He had to plan the route, how to get his water and food, contingency plans, etc. You don’t realize how nice it is to have a race director take care of all of these details until you try doing it all yourself! 22:07 is a fantastic time for a 100 miler. He did this despite fighting off a strong storm that rolled in during the last 30 miles of the run! Nice job Todd!

Santa Rosa 70.3
Al Adli – 7:05 – 1st ½ IM!!
Dana Kennedy – 6:33 – will be racing IM Santa Rosa later this summer!

Florida 70.3
Brian Gubernick – 5:24 – 1st ½ IM!! Swim was cancelled due to weather which can be hard on an athlete’s psyche. Brian did great to stay focused and have a good day!

Cactus Man Tri, Tempe, Nashville Marathon

Congratulations to everyone who raced in Tempe this past weekend! What a great weather day! Also, nine podium finishers – not too shabby . . .

Tempe Cactus Man Triathlon
Lance Brace – 3:15 – 9th in Ag
CJ Ketterer – 2:51 – 2nd in AG
Tali Toncray – 2:37 – 2nd in AG
Joan McGue – 3:38 – 3rd in AG
Melissa Samuelson – 2:46 – 5th in AG – 1st Olympic Tri!!
Sorin Tohatan – 3:32 – 22nd in AG – 1st Olympic Tri!!
Brian Gubernick – 3:00 – 14th in AG – 1st Olympic Tri!!

Jona Davis – 1:18 – 1st in AG, 7th overall!
David Hay – 1:32 – 1st in AG
Dana Kennedy – 1:27 – 3rd in AG
Kory McCarthy – 1:12 – 1st in AG
Ryan Mitchell – 1:26 – 3rd in AG
Jason Prenger – 2:00 – 5th in AG
Peter Ney – 1:08 – 2nd in AG

We also want to congratulate Ingrid McLellan who ran her first marathon at the Nashville Marathon this weekend. On a day when the temperatures passed 80 deg, Ingrid finished well in 5:03. Nice job Ingrid!!

Pat’s Run, Rocky Point Olympic Tri, Rocky Point 5k, Star Wars Dark Side Challenge

We had some great racing this past weekend at Pat’s Run and down in Rocky Point. We also want to give a shout out to Adela Riehle who raced the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge in FL. The challenge consists of running a 10K on one day and a ½ marathon the next day while wearing an appropriate Star Wars costume! Adela ran the 10K in 1:30 dressed as the Emperor. She followed that up with a 2:40 ½ marathon dressed as an Imperial Commander!

Pat’s Run
Karla Delord – 36:02
Bo Micek – 34:51
Jason Prenger – 45:55

Rocky Point Olympic Tri
Dana Kennedy – 2:52 – 2nd in AG – PR!!

Rocky Point 5K
Kory McCarthy – 19:01 – 1st overall!!

Good luck to everyone racing the Cactus Tri in Tempe this weekend!! Anne and I will have our tent set up on race day so feel free to store any gear there and stop by after the race to hang out!

Gorge Waterfalls 100K Run, Oregon, HITS Napa Valley Half Ironman, Austin Rattler 100K MTB, Austin, Bartlett Lake Tri, Tempe Splash and Dash, Ohio River Valley Runners Club Marathon

Gorge Waterfalls 100K

Great results this weekend from a fun variety of events–marathons, ultra-marathons, mountain bike races, and triathlons. Special congrats to everyone who raced the Bartlett Lake Tri. Bartlett is one of the hardest courses in the western US! We want to give a special shout out to Toby Baum who ran the Gorge Waterfalls 100K ultra run in Oregon in 16:44! Congratulations to all our athletes!

Tempe Splash and Dash
Ryan Mitchell – 59:09 – 6th in AG

HITS Napa Valley ½ Ironman
Charlie Bunde – 7:14 – 8th in AG in his first triathlon! The weather was awful for this race with 39 deg air temp and rain all day long!!

Gorge Waterfalls 100k Ultra Run (Oregon)
Toby Baum – 16:44
(Photo attached to this post is from Toby’s race – too gorgeous!)

Ohio River Valley Road Runners Club Marathon
Frank Smith – finished despite a hurt ankle and had to walk the last 10 miles. Kept this monthly marathon streak alive!

Austin Rattler 100K MTB (Austin, TX)
Mark Livingston – 6:36 – Mark is getting ready for the Leadville 100 later this summer.

Bartlett Lake Tri Sprint
Brian Gubernick – 1:40 – 11th overall an 1st in AG!

Bartlett Lake Tri Sprint Plus
Peter Ney – 1:28 – 2nd overall!
Brian Toncray – 1:39 – 3rd overall!
Jona Davis – 1:47 – 2nd overall!
David Hay – 2:03 – 1st in AG!

Bartlett Lake Tri Olympic
Tali Toncray – 3:17 – 11th overall, 1st in AG!
Al Adli – 4:17 – 6th in AG

Oceanside 70.3, Rosaryville, MD 10K, Lavaman Olympic, Zion Half Marathon

Results from this past weekend! Our athletes put in great times on a variety of courses from ½ Ironman to trail runs!

Oceanside 70.3
Kory McCarthy – 5:14
Patrick Haenel – 5:30
Joe Gervais – 6:21

Rosaryville, MD – 10K Trail run
Robert Hess – 1:20 in his first ever trail race.

Lavaman Olympic Tri
Lance Brace – 3:04 – PR!!

Zion ½ Marathon
Jeannine Dahling – awaiting final results

Nice job everyone!! We’re getting into the meat of the spring season. Hope you’re enjoying the longer days and warmer temperatures of spring!!

Monument Valley 50-miler, Tri for the Cure, Montana Masters Swim

Tali Toncray – Monument Valley 50- Miler

Congratulations to Tali Toncray who ran the Monument Valley 50 Miler (what an epic location for an ultra!) and finished in a super 10:13. This was an hour an 20 min faster than her PR and placed her 3rd in her AG and 43rd overall!! Nice job Tali!

Last weekend, Tri for the Cure got the Tempe Tri season started:
Kathy Stanley – 53:34 – 1st in AG!!
Dana Kennedy – 54:37 – 4th in AG
Jennifer Talbot – 56:36 – 5th in AG

In Montana, Heather Grahame competed in the Montana Masters Swim Meet and took 2nd place in five events! She raced the 50 free, 50 fly, 100 IM, 200IM, and the 100 free.

Congrats to all our athletes!!!

Heart of the City Half Marathon- Ohio, Anthem Sprint Tri, White Tanks 8K Trail Run, Lake Havasu Half and Olympic, Puerto Rico 70.3, Super Seal Olympic

Sorry, crazy week, but here are the race results from LAST weekend! Congratulations to Frank Smith who raced the Heart of the City ½ Marathon in Ohio two weeks ago. Frank finished his “short race” in 2:09.

We also had some of the first big triathlons of the season!

Anthem Sprint Tri
Eric Cummins – 1:16 – 4th in AG – first triathlon ever!
Laura Bunde – 1:15 – 3rd in AG – first triathlon ever!
Charlie Bunde – 1:13 – 4th AG – first triathlon ever!

White Tanks 8K Trail Run
Joan McGue – 48:22

Lake Havasu ½ IM
Lance Brace – 6:49 – Lance will be racing IMAZ later this year.

Lake Havasu Olympic
Kory McCarthy – 2:12 – 2nd in Ag and 10th overall!

Puerto Rico 70.3
Kyrsten Sinema – 6:57 – despite bronchitis!

Super Seal Olympic
Marc Suarez – 2:56 – 39th in AG – Marc will be racing IMAZ later this year.