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Rock and Roll Marathon, Half, 5K , Phoenix 10K, Carlsbad Marathon

What a great weekend for racing this past weekend. 2018 got off to a great start with the Rock and Roll Marathon here in Phoenix. I want to especially congratulate Joe Dundas who raced his first marathon and finished in an impressive 3:27. This was good enough for 11th in his AG and 112th overall. Not bad for his first time out!

Rock and Roll Marathon

Joe Dundas – 3:27 – 1st marathon!

Vince Mazzocco – 4:27 – 1st marathon!

Rock and Roll ½ Marathon

Kyrsten Sinema – 1:59

Abby Pfeiffer – 1:59 – PR!!

Don Ennis – 1:59

Melissa Samuelson – 1:43 – PR!! 25th in her AG!

Rock and Roll 5K

David Hay – 24:36 – 2nd in AG!

Phoenix 10K

Lenny Gold – 55:40

Carlsbad Marathon

Frank Smith – 4:54 – 26th in AG! Kept his monthly marathon streak alive!

Frost Bite 5-Miler, Kentucky

Here’s to a great 2018! We hope everyone is looking forward to a great year of training and racing!

We had one race this past weekend. Frank Smith raced the Frost Bite 5 miler in Kentucky. Frank has been doing this race each year since 2008. He faced -8 deg wind chill weather this year but still finished in 45:18 taking 13th in his AG. Well done, Frank!

Ironman Arizona

Mike Haenel – crusin’ the Beeline . . .

Congratulations to our five intrepid finishers from this year’s Ironman Arizona! The day was a hot one with no clouds in the sky and the wind on the Beeline Hwy was as strong as ever! We would especially like to recognize Russell Vanbeber who raced IMAZ one year after having serious knee surgery. It was a long journey but he went from a hospital bed to an IM in 12 months. The day was long, but he got there!


Joe Gervais – 13:19
Mike Haenel – 14:35 – 1st IM!
Abby Pfeiffer – 15:38 – 1st IM!
Marc Suarez – 14:49 – 1st IM!
Russell Vanbeber – 16:02

Time to start dreaming of the 2018 season!!

Aquabike National Championships, Miami

As many of you get ready for IMAZ, we want to take the time to congratulate Heather Grahame on her race last weekend. Heather raced the National Championship Aquabike race in Miami last Sunday. An Aquabike race consists of a swim and bike, but no run. This particular form of multisport racing has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last 3 years. Here is a great article about what this sport is all about:

In Miami, Heather raced the 1.2 mile swim and 56 mile bike in 3:39 and took 3rd in her AG. She had a 42 min swim and a 2:52 ride on a day where the wind gusts exceeded 30mph Her result qualified her for the Aquabike World Champs in 2018 which will be held in Denmark!!

Nice job, Heather!!

IM Florida, Phoenix 10K, Phoenix 5K/10K Double, Indianapolis Marathon

“Golden Crowned Quakers” by CC athlete, Joan McGue – on exhibit at The Holland Gallery in Scottsdale

We had some big races this past weekend! Congrats to Mike Dalton who raced his first Ironman race at Ironman Florida this past weekend and finished in 13:19!! There were some nice times put in at the Phoenix 10K, too!

Instead of a race photo to go with this post, we’ve included a painting by one of our talented and longtime CC athletes, Joan McGue. The painting is titled “Golden Crowned Quakers,” and is on exhibition at the Holland Gallery in Scottsdale. So proud to have such a gifted artist in our ranks!



Mike Dalton – 13:19 – 1st IM!

Phoenix 10K
Joan McGue – 61:57 – 6th in AG!
Vince Mazzocco – 49:46 – 10th in AG!

Phoenix 5K/10K double
Dave Frome race the 5K and then followed it up with the 10K. Dave ran the 5K in 25:24 and took 3rd in his AG. He ran the 10K in 52:22 and took 2nd in the AG!!

Indianapolis Marathon
Frank Smith enjoyed some cooler weather for once this year and logged a nice 4:47 to keep his monthly marathon streak going!

AZ 70.3, Marine Corps Marathon – Wash, D. C.

Congratulations to everyone who raced one super-hot AZ 70.3 this past weekend! Many props for running a ½ marathon at 1:30pm in AZ on a 95-deg day!!

AZ 70.3
Eero Allison – 6:26
Heather Wilson – 5:59 (pictured)
Eric Cummins – 6:21 – 1st 70.3!
Joe Gervais – 5:43 – 17th in AG!
Abby Pfeiffer – 6:43 – PR!!
Sorin Tohatan – 6:17 – 1st 70.3!
Ryan Mitchell – 5:51 – 1st 70.3!
Kory McCarthy – 4:52 – 10th in AG! Qualified for 70.3 World Championship to be held in South Africa!!

We also had Lenny Gold race the Marine Corps Marathon and finished in 5:37. Lenny races in the 60-69 AG!

Good luck to Tali Toncray and Brandon Welling who are racing the Javelina 100 Ultra Run this weekend! Tali is racing the 100K while Brandon is taking on the 100 miler!

Tour de Scottsdale, Towpath Marathon – OH, Estrella Mountain Xterra Trail Run, Rockhopper Xterra Tri

The past couple of weekends have produced some great results! Super job to everyone who raced! We want to send a special congratulations to Heather Grahame. Heather has been racing Aqua-Bike races this year, and recently, she was ranked second nationally by USAT in the female 60-64 AG. She also attained All-American status for her efforts!

Tour de Scottsdale 30 mile
Cheryl Stadlman – 1:50 – 2nd in AG
David Hay – 1:28 – 1st in AG!

Towpath Marathon – Ohio
Frank Smith – Frank kept his monthly marathon streak alive with a 5:29 finish in hot conditions!

Estella Xterra Trail Run – 8K
Joan McGue (pictured) – 1:04 – 1st in AG! Finishing with cut knee that needed stitches, no less! Way to be tough, Joan!

Rockhopper Xterra Tri
Jennifer Talbot – 2:39 – 3rd in AG
Brian Toncray – 2:01 – 3rd in AG

Twin Cities Ultra Loony Challenge, MN

Congratulations to Melissa Samuelson, who ran the Twin Cities Ultra Loony Challenge this past weekend in MN. The challenge consisted of running a 10K and a 5K the day before running the Twin Cities Marathon. Melissa nailed them all. She ran the 5K in 24:01 and the 10K in 47:13. The next day she ran a PR 3:45 marathon!! These results netted her 6th place female overall and 4th in her AG for the Challenge. Nice job Melissa!!

Superfrog 70.3, Augusta 70.3, Flagstaff 100-mile run relay, Mountain Lakes 100 mile run – Oregon

Toby Baum – Mountain Lakes 100 – Oregon

We had a nice weekend of racing last weekend from around the country!

Superfrog 70.3 – CA
Joe Gervais – 5:38 – 13th in AG!

Augusta 70.3 – GA
Frank Smith – 7:36 in horrendous heat and humidity.

Flagstaff, AZ 100 mile run relay
Dave Frome – team finished 2nd in div.
Brandon Welling – team finished in 21:16. Brandon ran a leg of 34 miles in 6:40 and then mountain biked for 66 miles!

Lastly, we want to congratulate Toby Baum for finishing his fourth 100 mile ultra-run in Portland, OR! He finished the Mountain Lakes 100 miler in 28:54 and has now earned enough points to race the famous UTMB Ultra Run in Chamonix, France in 2018. UTMB is considered to crown jewel of ultra runs and is as tough as it is scenic. Way to go, Toby! (picture with this post is from the race – gorgeous!)