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Boulder 70.3, Drake Well Marathon, PA, Phx 5K, Portland Xterra

We have some great results to report from this past weekend!

Kyrsten Sinema raced the Boulder 70.3 and clocked an impressive 5:55 which was a new 70.3 PR for her!

Frank Smith kept his marathon streak alive with a 5:12 finish at the Drake Well Marathon in PA. This was good enough for 11th in his AG.

Joan McGue braved the heat and raced a local 5K in 31:25 and took 3rd in her AG!

A bit further north, Brian Toncray raced the Portland Xterra in Oregon (featuring a slip and slide at the finish!) and placed 1st in his AG with a time of 3:10!

Good luck to David Hay who is racing in the USAT Sprint Tri National Championships this weekend in Cleveland!

Canada 70.3, Juneau Marathon

Seems appropriate that I’m writing this post about a hot, hot, hot Canada 70.3 just after a massive dust storm passed through Phoenix early this evening (picture taken from Sunrise Trail in Scottsdale). Anyhow, so yeah, Canada was indeed a hot one this year–96 degrees in Whistler! Pat Haenel and his dad, Mike Haenel, finished the 70.3. though. Pat crossed the line in 5:49 and took 27th in his AG, while Mike covered the course in 7:03 and took 34th in his AG. Nice job guys!
In much cooler climes, Jim Ustasiewski ran the Juneau Marathon and clocked an impressive 3:28! This was 12 minutes faster than the Boston Qualifier time and earned him 2nd in his AG! Jim will be racing IMAZ later this year.

ITU Aquabike World Championships, Denmark, Mountain Man Sprint and Olympic, Flagstaff, and 8-Hour Dream Endurance Ultra, Indianapolis

Kyrsten Sinema – 2nd in age group – Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon

We’re just back from our Canadian adventure, so we need to catch up on some GREAT race results from over the past couple of weekends! We first want to congratulate Heather Grahame who race the ITU Aqua-Bike World Championships in Denmark. The race involved a 3K swim followed by a 120K bike. Heather finished with a one hour swim and a 3:52 bike split. That effort earned her 4th in her AG! Nice job Heather!

In Flagstaff, we had some awesome results from the Mountain Man Sprint and Olympic:


Mountain Man Sprint:
Abby Pfeiffer – 1:31 – 5th in AG
Kathy Stanley – 1:20 – 1st overall masters!
David Hay – 1:28 – 1st in AG!

Mountain Man Olympic:
Kyrsten Sinema – 3:03 – 2nd in AG!

And finally, Frank Smith ran the 8 hour Dream Endurance Ultra in Indianapolis. The idea was to run a looped course and see how many miles you could complete in 8 hours. Frank logged 33 miles and took 11th in his AG and 59th of 116 overall!

Great job to all of our athletes!

Finland 70.3, Flagstaff Downtown Mile, July 4th 4-Miler

Congratulations to Don Ennis who raced Finland 70.3! Don finished in 6:32. Racing in Europe is a highlight for any endurance athlete. If you ever get the chance, go for it! Don will be racing IMAZ later this fall.
Over July 4th, we had two athletes race a timed mile up in Flagstaff at the Flagstaff Downtown Mile. Kyrsten Sinema ran a 7:04 and Abby Pfeiffer ran a 8:18. Running a timed mile is one of the most painful races you can do, especially at 7,000’!
Here in the Valley, Joan McGue ran the July 4th 4-miler and clocked a 43:32 and took 8th in her AG! Race start temp was 90 deg!
Great job, everyone!

20 Bridges Swim around Manhattan

Huge congratulations to Peter Lofquist for a remarkable achievement this past weekend. Peter completed one of marathon swimming’s great events this past weekend at the 20 Bridges swim around Manhattan in NY. This open water swim circumnavigates the island of Manhattan and covers 28.5 miles. 20 Bridges is considered part of the Triple Crown of open water swimming with the others being the English Channel and the Catalina Channel. Peter completed the swim in 9:40 was 9th out of 15 starters! Great job Peter!


SteelHead Sprint, Fort Huachuca, AZ, Lake Waconia Sprint, MN

Robert Hess – SteelHead Sprint – Fort Huachuca, AZ

Congratulations to Robert Hess who raced the Steelhead Sprint in Fort Huachuca in 2 hours and to Marc Suarez who raced the Lake Waconia Sprint, MN in 2:06. Robert is swimming a 10K open water swim later this year while Marc will be racing IM Wisconsin in Sep. Great job, guys!
Have a great weekend, everyone, and a great 4th!

Banff Marathon

Congratulations to Frank Smith who kept his monthly marathon streak alive this past weekend with a 5:05 run at the Banff Marathon in Canada. The Banff area is nothing short of stunning, so if you’re mulling ideas for a destination race, this would definitely be a marathon worth looking into! Nice job Frank!

Show Low Olympic and Half IM Tri

Congratulations to everyone who raced up in Show Low this past weekend!

Show Low Olympic Tri
Joe Dundas – 2:45 – 3rd in AG
Eero Allison – 2:50 – 6th in AG
Heather Wilson – 3:01 – 3rd in AG

Heather and Eero teamed up with Heather’s son, Trestin, and raced the Xterra Relay the following day!

Show Low ½ IM Tri
Mary Monell – 7:59

Stay cool out there!

Escape from Alcatraz, Revel Rockies Marathon, Hawaii 70.3

Kim and Kyle Essendrup – Hawaii 70.3

We had some great, early summer races this past weekend!

Congratulations to Don Ennis and Abby Pfeiffer who raced one of the most famous triathlons in the world this weekend at the Escape from Alcatraz race in San Francisco. Don finished in 3:33 while Abby finished in 4:04. Both will be racing IMAZ later this year.

At the Revel Rockies Marathon this past weekend, Eero Allison ran an impressive 3:16! This qualified him for Boston and he took 5th in his AG!

Kim Essendrup and his son, Kyle, raced the Hawaii 70.3 on Sat. They crossed the finish line together. Kim has raced many long course races including Kona and Roth, but this was Kyle’s first attempt at going long. Kim finished in 7:52 and Kyle finished in 7:57. Nice job Essendrups!

Colfax Marathon, CO

We’d like to send a shout out to Frank Smith who kept his monthly marathon steak alive last weekend by finishing the Colfax Marathon in Denver, CO in a time of 4:50. Next up for Frank is the Banff Marathon in June. Keep it up Frank!