Escape from Alcatraz, Revel Rockies Marathon, Hawaii 70.3

Kim and Kyle Essendrup – Hawaii 70.3

We had some great, early summer races this past weekend!

Congratulations to Don Ennis and Abby Pfeiffer who raced one of the most famous triathlons in the world this weekend at the Escape from Alcatraz race in San Francisco. Don finished in 3:33 while Abby finished in 4:04. Both will be racing IMAZ later this year.

At the Revel Rockies Marathon this past weekend, Eero Allison ran an impressive 3:16! This qualified him for Boston and he took 5th in his AG!

Kim Essendrup and his son, Kyle, raced the Hawaii 70.3 on Sat. They crossed the finish line together. Kim has raced many long course races including Kona and Roth, but this was Kyle’s first attempt at going long. Kim finished in 7:52 and Kyle finished in 7:57. Nice job Essendrups!