Gorge Waterfalls 100K Run, Oregon, HITS Napa Valley Half Ironman, Austin Rattler 100K MTB, Austin, Bartlett Lake Tri, Tempe Splash and Dash, Ohio River Valley Runners Club Marathon

Gorge Waterfalls 100K

Great results this weekend from a fun variety of events–marathons, ultra-marathons, mountain bike races, and triathlons. Special congrats to everyone who raced the Bartlett Lake Tri. Bartlett is one of the hardest courses in the western US! We want to give a special shout out to Toby Baum who ran the Gorge Waterfalls 100K ultra run in Oregon in 16:44! Congratulations to all our athletes!

Tempe Splash and Dash
Ryan Mitchell – 59:09 – 6th in AG

HITS Napa Valley ½ Ironman
Charlie Bunde – 7:14 – 8th in AG in his first triathlon! The weather was awful for this race with 39 deg air temp and rain all day long!!

Gorge Waterfalls 100k Ultra Run (Oregon)
Toby Baum – 16:44
(Photo attached to this post is from Toby’s race – too gorgeous!)

Ohio River Valley Road Runners Club Marathon
Frank Smith – finished despite a hurt ankle and had to walk the last 10 miles. Kept this monthly marathon streak alive!

Austin Rattler 100K MTB (Austin, TX)
Mark Livingston – 6:36 – Mark is getting ready for the Leadville 100 later this summer.

Bartlett Lake Tri Sprint
Brian Gubernick – 1:40 – 11th overall an 1st in AG!

Bartlett Lake Tri Sprint Plus
Peter Ney – 1:28 – 2nd overall!
Brian Toncray – 1:39 – 3rd overall!
Jona Davis – 1:47 – 2nd overall!
David Hay – 2:03 – 1st in AG!

Bartlett Lake Tri Olympic
Tali Toncray – 3:17 – 11th overall, 1st in AG!
Al Adli – 4:17 – 6th in AG