Ironman Santa Rosa, Ironman Canada, Ironman Canada 70.3

Dana Kennedy – Ironman Santa Rosa

This past weekend was a great one for long course racing!

At Ironman Santa Rosa, Dana Kennedy (pictured) finished her third IM in 14:37 despite dealing with a broken front derailleur for most of the bike ride!

Further north, Sally Borg and Patrick Haenel raced in tough conditions at Ironman Canada in Whistler. Fighting strong winds on the bike, Patrick finished in 12:27 and Sally finished in 15:34. Sally’s day was strong enough to secure a spot on the podium with 5th place in her AG!

Sally Borg – Ironman Canada – 5th in her age group!

In the Ironman Canada 70.3, Mike Haenel finished in 7:30 and is now looking forward to his first IMAZ in Nov.

Enjoy the clouds!!

Xterra Beaver Creek Tri – CO, Xterra Beaver Creek 21K Trail Run – CO, NYC Olympic Tri – NY, Christmas in July 12-hour Ultra Run – Chicago

We had some nice results from this weekend and all out of state – Colorado, New York, and Illinois!

Xterra Beaver Creek Tri – CO
Brian Toncray (pictured) – 3:28 – 12th in AG

Xterra Beaver Creek 21K Trail run – CO
Tali Toncray – 2:00- 4th in AG

NYC Olympic Tri
Heather Grahame – 2:41 – 2nd in AG! Qualified for Lifetime National Champs next summer!

Christmas in July 12 hour Ultra Run – Chicago
Frank Smith – covered 50K – 42nd overall – this was the fourth year in a row at this race for Frank!

Challenge Roth – Germany, Lifetime Oly – MN, Mountain Man Sprint and Oly, Semana-Nautica 6-mile open ocean swim – Santa Barbara, Carlsbad Sprint – CA

What a great weekend of racing this past weekend! We want to give a big shout out to Kim Essendrup who raced the iconic Challenge Roth race in Germany. Roth is one of the most famous Ironman distance races in the world. Kim had a DNF at this race a few years ago but this year finished successfully in 15:22. He now has Roth and IM Hawaii under his belt! Nice job Kim!

Challenge Roth – Germany
Kim Essendrup – 15:22

Lifetime Olympic Tri –MN
Marc Suarez – 2:55 – Marc will be racing IMAZ this fall.

Mountain Man Sprint – AZ
Jona Davis (pictured) – 1:17 – 1st overall female masters!!
Jennifer Talbot – 1:27 – 2nd in AG

Mountain Man Olympic – AZ
Adela Riehle – 3:14 – 2nd in AG
CJ Ketterer – 3:15 – 4th in AG despite having a 20 min flat repair on the bike!

Semana – Nautica – CA (6 mile open ocean swim near Santa Barbara, CA)
Peter Lofquist – 2:51 – 42nd overall (yes, that was 6 miles!!!)

Carlsbad Sprint – CA
David Hay – 1:50 – 3rd in AG

Spring Meadow Olympic – MT, Big Bear Olympic – CA, LL Bean 10K – ME, Bandette Firecracker 5K – MN, Huntington Beach 5K – CA, Firecracker 4-Miler – AZ

We hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Our athletes raced all over the country this weekend with some great results!

Spring Meadow Olympic Tri – MT
Heather Grahame – 3:10 – 1st in AG and 9th overall female!

Big Bear Olympic Tri – CA
Mike Dalton – 3:41 – 7th in AG

LL Bean 10K – ME
Kory McCarthy (pictured) – 38:56 – 7th in AG and 42nd overall! PR for Kory!!!

Bandette Firecracker 5K – MN
Sally Borg – 27:58 – 1st in AG!

Huntington Beach 5K – CA
Mike Dalton (same Mike J) – 24:35

Firecracker 4 Miler – AZ
Joan McGue – 38:37 – 4th in AG

Nice job everyone!!!

San Diego International Tri

Congratulations to our athletes who raced the San Diego International Tri last weekend. Two raced the Olympic and one raced the Sprint. This is one of the best races in SoCal if you’re ever interested in the future!

San Diego International Olympic
Dana Kennedy – 2:32 – 11th in AG
Jona Davis – 2:04 – 3rd in AG

David Hay – 1:31 – 2nd in AG

Stay cool and have a great 4th!

Cascade 66-Mile Bike Race – Montana, Flagstaff Off-Road Tri

To go along with our race results from this past weekend, we thought we’d include a photo from cooler climes. The picture is courtesy of Kim Essendrup taken during his last long training ride before Challenge Roth along the Danube River! Sweet!

Cascade 66 Mile Bike Race – Montana
Heather Grahame – 3:48 – 1st female overall and 2nd overall competitor!

Flagstaff Off Road Tri
Jennifer Talbot – 6th female overall and 13th overall competitor!

Good luck to those of you heading over to San Diego to race this weekend!!

Denver Marathon, Rockford Olympic, MN, Eagleman 70.3, MD, Escape From Alcatraz, Kona 70.3, Phoenix 5K

We had a great variety of races this weekend with some super results! Congratulations all!

Denver Marathon
Eero Allison – 3:23 – PR and Boston Qualifier time!!
Frank Smith – 4:55 – keeping his streak alive

Rockford Olympic Tri, MN
Marc Suarez – 3:19 – 9th in AG on a day with extreme heat warnings and high winds! Marc will be racing IMAZ later this fall.

Eagleman 70.3, MD
Robert Hess III (pictured) – 8:17 – 1st 70.3!!

Escape from Alcatraz
Mike Haenel – 2:43 on a day when the swim was cancelled due to severe winds. Nice job adjusting, Mike!

Kona 70.3, HI
Mike Dalton – 8:06 – 1st 70.3! Mike is racing IMFL later this fall.

Phoenix 5K
Joan McGue – 28:47 – 2nd in AG!

Raleigh 70.3, Victoria 70.3, Show Low Olympic, Half, and Xterra, Best Buddies Ride – MA

We’re back from CA, and wow, there were some strong results from this past weekend! Special mention to Kory McCarthy who raced a PR in the Raleigh 70.3 in 5:09 on a notoriously hot and hilly course! Nice job to all who raced!!

By the way, the photo here comes from Melissa Samuelson on a training run in Paris! Fun!!!

Raleigh 70.3
Kory McCarthy – 5:09 – 25th in AG.

Victoria 70.3
Eero Allison – 5:38 – 36th in AG. Eero will be running the Denver Marathon this weekend!

Show Low Olympic Tri
CJ Ketterer – 3:05 – 1st in AG!
Eric Cummins – 2:58 – 3rd in AG in his first Olympic Tri!

Show Low Xterra
Brian Toncray – 2:30 – 1st in AG!
Jennifer Talbott – 3:22 – 1st in AG in her first Xterra distance race!

Show Low ½ IM
Tali Toncray – 5:43 – 2nd overall female!!

We also want to give a shout out to Kyrsten Sinema who completed the 21 mile Best Buddies Ride in MA. Kyrsten is coming back from a broken foot (and surgery) suffered in March and this was her first event back!

Troika Aquabike, Hawthorn 12-hour ultra run, St. Polten 70.3, Austria

We hope you’re all looking forward to a nice Memorial Day weekend! We had a few races this past weekend and some nice results! Congratulations to Heather Grahame (pictured) for racing well in her first Aqua Bike race (Troika) in Washington. She finished the 1.5K swim and 40K bike in 1:58 and took 2nd overall and 1st in her AG! For those of you who are struggling with running or fighting a running injury, the Aqua Bike format is quite good. Heather will be racing the National Championships later this summer.

We also want to give a shout out to Frank Smith who completed his 111th ultra or marathon distance run in the Hawthorn 12 hour ultra-run in Indiana. Keep it going Frank!

Kim Essendrup raced the St. Polten 70.3 in Austria over the weekend and finished in 7:24. What an incredible place to race. Find out more about this race at

Mike Dalton raced the Sand Hollow Olympic Tri and finished in 3:40 taking 14th in his AG. Mike will be racing the Kona 70.3 in a few weeks.

100-miler at Martha’s Vineyard, Santa Rosa 70.3, Florida 70.3

Last weekend, our athletes were hitting the long races! We want to especially acknowledge long time Camelback Coaching athlete, Todd Silva. Todd has raced Ironman triathlons and ultra-distance running events for several years. Last weekend, he went on a solo adventure around Martha’s Vineyard and ran 100 miles in 22:07. This was completely a solo effort. No volunteers, spectators, aid stations or course markings. He had to plan the route, how to get his water and food, contingency plans, etc. You don’t realize how nice it is to have a race director take care of all of these details until you try doing it all yourself! 22:07 is a fantastic time for a 100 miler. He did this despite fighting off a strong storm that rolled in during the last 30 miles of the run! Nice job Todd!

Santa Rosa 70.3
Al Adli – 7:05 – 1st ½ IM!!
Dana Kennedy – 6:33 – will be racing IM Santa Rosa later this summer!

Florida 70.3
Brian Gubernick – 5:24 – 1st ½ IM!! Swim was cancelled due to weather which can be hard on an athlete’s psyche. Brian did great to stay focused and have a good day!