Escape from Alcatraz, Revel Rockies Marathon, Hawaii 70.3

Kim and Kyle Essendrup – Hawaii 70.3

We had some great, early summer races this past weekend!

Congratulations to Don Ennis and Abby Pfeiffer who raced one of the most famous triathlons in the world this weekend at the Escape from Alcatraz race in San Francisco. Don finished in 3:33 while Abby finished in 4:04. Both will be racing IMAZ later this year.

At the Revel Rockies Marathon this past weekend, Eero Allison ran an impressive 3:16! This qualified him for Boston and he took 5th in his AG!

Kim Essendrup and his son, Kyle, raced the Hawaii 70.3 on Sat. They crossed the finish line together. Kim has raced many long course races including Kona and Roth, but this was Kyle’s first attempt at going long. Kim finished in 7:52 and Kyle finished in 7:57. Nice job Essendrups!

Colfax Marathon, CO

We’d like to send a shout out to Frank Smith who kept his monthly marathon steak alive last weekend by finishing the Colfax Marathon in Denver, CO in a time of 4:50. Next up for Frank is the Banff Marathon in June. Keep it up Frank!

Kyrsten Sinema – Fastest Woman in Congress and new record holder at the 37th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge Race

Not only is Camelback Coaching athlete, Kyrsten Sinema, the Fastest Women in Congress, but she also broke the record for the 3-mile race, now in its 37th year, that was formerly held by Representative Jean Schmidt of Ohio. Kyrsten ran the race in 22:05!

Congratulations, Kyrsten!

Kyrsten Sinema – Fastest Woman in Congress AND new record holder for the ACLI Capital Challenge Race. She is seen here with the winner of the men’s race, Rep. Mike Gallagher



ACLI Capital Challenge 3-mile race, Xterra Renegade Tri

Brian Toncray

We have a couple of excellent race results to report!

Last weekend, Brian Toncray raced the Xterra Renegade Tri in Bonelli Park, CA. Bonelli Park has a rich history in the triathlon world dating back to the ’80s. Brandon raced the Olympic Off-Road race and took 6th in his AG with a time of 2:13. This was fast enough for 49th overall, as well! Brian will be racing the Xterra World Championships in Maui later this year.

Kyrsten Sinema raced the ACLI Capital Challenge 3-mile race this morning in Washington, D.C. She defended her title as Fastest Woman in Congress by taking first with a time of 22:05! Even better, she established a female course record for the 37-year-old event!

Congratulations to both Brian and Kyrsten!

Photos from Zion 100-mile run – April 2018

Wanted to share these beautiful photos taken by Tali Toncray during her 100-mile run at Zion. The first two were taken off Gooseberry Mesa, the biggest climb of the race. The third was taken in the middle of the Zion course. And the last one was looking at Goosebump Mesa. Thank you for these, Tali!

Scene from Gooseberry Mesa – Zion 100-mile run












Scene from Gooseberry Mesa – Zion 100-mile run












Zion 100-mile run – middle of the course!










Goosebump Mesa – Zion 100-mile run










Fort Collins Marathon, CO, Rocky Point Olympic Tri, MX, Flying Pig Marathon, OH, Goodyear Sprint Tri, Wildflower Half

Cheryl Stadlman – podium finish – Goodyear sprint!

We had some outstanding performances from our athletes this past weekend!

Congratulations to Eero Allison who ran the Fort Collins Marathon and finished in a BQ time of 3:26!! This was good enough for 3rd in his AG just a month after racing Boston!

At the Rocky Point Olympic Tri, two Camelback Coaching athletes, Kyrsten Sinema and Abby Pfeiffer, stood on the podium. Kyrsten finished in 3:18and took 3rd in her AG while Abby finished in 3:29 and took 2nd in her AG! The course included a 1,000m swim, 29.5 mile bike and a 6.7 mile run.

Frank Smith kept his monthly marathon streak alive by finishing the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati in 4:47!

At the Goodyear Sprint Tri, Cheryl Stadlman (pictured) also enjoyed a podium placing, finishing in 1:24 and taking 2nd in her AG!

Ryan Mitchell raced at the Wildflower ½ IM tri in California over the weekend. This is one of the toughest races in North America. Ryan finished his first stab at the iconic race in 7:45 and is already looking forward to doing it again next year!

SCAR SWIM, AZ, Zane Grey 50-mile run, Big Sur Marathon, Cactus Man Tri, Hope 10K

Eero Allison – Boston Marathon 2018

What a weekend for racing! We had our first local Tempe triathlon, a marathon, an Ultra 50 Miler, some 10Ks and an Ultra Swim!

We want to recognize Peter Lofquist in particular who took on the SCAR swim here in AZ. The swim entails swimming the longest distances across our four local lakes (Saguaro – 9.5 miles, Canyon – 9 miles, Apache – 17 miles, and Roosevelt – 6.2 miles). The event takes place over four days. Peter completed the first swim across Saguaro lake – 9.5 miles – in 4 hours and 23 min. The next day, he came down with hypothermia at Canyon Lake as the water was 57 deg (no wet suits, by the way) and DNF’d. At Apache, bad luck struck again as he developed a strained shoulder and had to DNF again. The fourth day was another success as he completed the Roosevelt swim of 6.2 miles in 4 hours and 6 min. This SCAR swim is a true endurance challenge. Definitely check this out if you are looking for endurance events that are off the beaten path! Peter will be taking on the Manhattan Marathon swim this summer!

We also want to recognize Brandon Welling who completed the tough, Zane Grey 50-mile run near Payson in 12:25. This was a great time on a tough course and resulted in a 54th overall finish!

Dave Frome completed his Boston/Big Sur double. After finishing the Boston Marathon two weeks ago, Dave finished this past weekend’s Big Sur Marathon in 4:34 and took 11th in his AG!

Speaking of Boston, the picture here is of Eero Allison. We already reported on his race results (an impressive 3:45), but didn’t have his picture until now. Congrats, again, Eero!

Congrats also to everyone who raced at Cactus Man! We had impressive performances here, as well!

Cactus Man Triathlon Sprint

Cactus Man Tri

Ryan Clancey – 1:31 – 1st Tri ever! 9th in AG
Joan McGue – 1:59 – 7th in AG
Kurt Miyamoto – 1:42 – 13th in AG
Kathy Stanley – 1:24 – 3rd in AG

Cactus Man Olympic

Sally Borg – 3:27 – 2nd in AG
Joe Dundas – 2:46 – Olympic PR! – 11th in AG
Heather Grahame – Olympic Aqua-Bike – 1:50 – 4th overall and 1st female!
David Hay – 3:05 – 3rd in AG – First Olympic Tri!
Jason Prenger – 4:13 – 24th in AG
Sorin Tohatan – 2:58 – 17th in AG – Olympic PR!
Robert Scovill – 3:43 – 23rd in AG – First ever Olympic Tri!

Cactus Man Relay

Melissa Samuelson – ran the 10K for her team who took 3rd overall!

Hope 10K

Cheryl Stadlman – 1:03 – 2nd in AG
Ken Clark – 37:41 – 2nd Overall, 2nd in AG

We also want to wish Peter Ney a quick recovery! Peter was hit by a car while racing the Sahuarita Olympic Tri near Tucson on Saturday. He is sore but relatively okay. He was hit from behind early on the bike course. Even when race courses are manned with policemen and volunteers, you still have to keep your head on a swivel.

Lastly, good luck to Ryan Mitchell who is racing the Wildflower ½ Ironman this weekend in California. Wildflower is a tough, fair race that involves camping the night before and then racing a ½ Ironman on the best tri course in North America. Wildflower should be on everyone’s race list as it is an iconic race with a unique vibe. Tell your friends!

Zion 100, Tri-Family Sprint, Pat’s Run

Tali Toncray – Zion 100

Congratulations to Tali Toncray who ran her first 100-mile race this past weekend at the Zion 100. Tali joins Toby Baum, Kirk McCarville and Todd Silva as Camelback Coaching athletes who have run 100 miles. She finished the grueling Zion race in 29:42 and took 3rd in her AG! Nice job Tali!!


At the local Tri-Family Sprint Tri, Peter Ney logged an impressive 1:03 and took 1st overall. His race included a bike split where he averaged 26mph!

Nice job, also, to everyone who ran Pat’s Run!

Kyrsten Sinema – 32:41 – 9th in AG!
Jason Prenger – 49:03
Melissa Samuelson – 35:15
Robert Scovill – 40:42

Good luck to Dave Frome who is racing the Big Sur Marathon just two weeks after racing the Boston Marathon!

Hope to see many of you this weekend at the Cactus Man Tri!! We will have our tent set up near the finish area on Sunday.

Boston Marathon

Congratulations to Eero Allison and Dave Frome who raced the Boston Marathon on Monday in some pretty miserable conditions. Dave finished in 4:44 while Eero finished in 3:45. Dave will be racing the Big Sur Marathon in just two weeks! Nice job guys!!

Oceanside 70.3, Go! St. Louis Marathon, Montana Masters Swim Meet

Great racing this last weekend! Congratulations to everyone who raced Oceanside 70.3, one of the iconic races on the Ironman calendar!
Oceanside 70.3
Pat Haenel – 5:34 – 37th in large AG!
Mike Haenel – 6:37 – Pat’s Dad, how cool is that?!
Don Ennis – 6:22
Cheryl Stadlman – 7:43
Al Adli – 6:37 – PR!!
Montana Masters Swim Meet
Heather Grahame stepped out of her comfort zone and took on the Montana Masters State Swim Meet. Doing single sport events like this is a great way to expand your endurance sport experience!
1650 Free – 1st in AG
100 Free – 1st in Ag
500 Free – 1st in AG
50 Breast – 2nd in AG
200 Free – 1st in AG
50 Fly – 1st in AG
Go! St. Louis Marathon
Frank Smith – 4:41 – 30th in AG – Keeps his monthly marathon streak alive on a day when the temperature at the start was 28 deg!
Congratulations, everyone!