Tel Aviv Marathon, Mountain to Fountain 15K, Run Hard Marathon (Columbia, SC), Phoenix 5K

Just catching up from a week away. The weekend before last had some very nice runs in some great weather! But before we get to these results, we’d like to recognize Nir Joels who ran the Tel Aviv Marathon and finished in a stellar 3:15! Nir will be racing IM Barcelona later this year.

Mountain to Fountain 15K
Peter Lofquist – 1:23 – 14th in Ag
Beth Lofquist – 1:40 – 9th in AG
CJ Ketterer – 1:16 – 6th in AG

Run Hard Marathon (Columbia, S.C.)
Frank Smith – 4:51 – 8th in AG

Phoenix 5K
Joan McGue – 28:08 – 1st in AG!

Have a great week!

Orcas Island 100-miler (Washington), Phoenix Marathon and Half Marathon, Snow Joke Half Marathon (Montana)

Lots of running races to report on from the weekend!

Congratulations to Todd Silva who ran the Orcas Island 100 miler this weekend and finished the super hilly course in 28:04 and was 16th overall!

Phoenix ½ Marathon
Steve Sharp – 3:29 – PR!
Kathy Stanley – 1:50 – 5th in AG!

Phoenix Marathon
Eero Allison – 3:30 – 30th in AG

Alyssa Prewitt – 5:42

Snow Joke ½ Marathon (Montana)
Ingrid McLellan – 2:05

Orcas Island 100 (Washington)
Todd Silva – 28:04 – 16th overall!

Lost Dutchman Half Marathon, Desert Duathlon

Joan McGue – Desert Duathlon

We had a wet few days of racing last weekend! Despite the weather, our athletes turned in some great performances.

In the Lost Dutchman ½ Marathon, Beth Lofquist finished in 2:09 and took 9th in her AG.

We had three racers at the Desert Duathlon in the McDowell Mountains. The day was rainy and the course was muddy for the off road sections.
Jennifer Talbot – 3:07 – 5th in AG
CJ Ketterer – 2:29 – 2nd in AG
Joan McGue – 3:39 – 1st in AG (super cool photo of Joan here)

Good luck to everyone running the Phoenix Marathon and ½ Marathon this weekend! The weather looks like it’s going to be great. Remember to dress as though the start temperature is 20 degrees warmer than it is. In other words, if the morning temp is 45 deg, dress as though it was 65 deg. This will keep you from overheating once the race is underway. Good luck everyone!

Runner’s Den Pancake 5K and 10K

We had some great performances at the Runner’s Den Pancake 5K and 10K this past weekend. Congratulations especially to Kory McCarthy who ran the 5K and 10K double and finished the 5K in less than 20 min and the 10K in less than 40 min! He ended up taking 16th overall and 5th in his AG for the double. That is quite an achievement!!


Melissa Samuelson – 46:41 – 2nd in AG

Kory McCarthy – 39:50

Joan McGue – 58:08 – 3rd in AG


David Hay – 24:31 – 6th in AG

Kory McCarthy – 19:35

Rock and Roll Half Marathon, Phx, Rebel Challenge (Disney Star Wars 10k and Half Marathon)

What a great weekend for running this past weekend! Congratulations to all of the Rock and Roll ½ marathon finishers!

R&R ½ Marathon

Kory McCarthy – 1:29 – PR!

Kyrsten Sinema – 1:55 – PR!

Joan McGue – 2:13

Mike Haenel – 1:56

Chris Kline – 2:24 – 1st ½ marathon!

Sally Borg – 2:24

CJ Ketterer – 1:45

Alyssa Prewitt – 2:35

Melissa Samuelson – 1:48

Rebel Challenge (Disney Star Wars Themed 10K and ½ Marathon)

Adela Riehle – 10K in 1:17 (Chewbacca costume), ½ marathon in 2:40 (Princess Leia costume)!!

White Tanks 8K, 6 Hours of Papago MTB, Dopey Challenge, FL

I do so love morning swim lessons in the winter. Treated to spectacular sunrises on a regular basis!

We had some nice races this past weekend! Congrats to everyone!

White Tanks 8K Trail Run
Peter Ney – 28:10 (6:14/mile off road!) – 3rd overall male!

6 hrs of Papago MTB race
Mark Livingston – 9 laps – 62 miles. Mark will be racing the Leadville 100 MTB race this summer!

Dopey Challenge (FL) – 5K, 10K, ½ Marathon and marathon done in four days!
Darren West
Andrea Helmrath

Good luck to everyone racing the R&R ½ marathon this weekend!!

Happy 2017!

We hope you all had a Happy New Year and are looking forward to a great 2017!

We just wanted to take a moment at congratulate Frank Smith. Frank is our longtime athlete from Cincinnati with a healthy obsession for running a marathon or ultra every month! Frank went short on New Year’s Day and ran the Frost Bite 5 miler in Fort Thomas, KY. He finished in 42:22 and took 5th in his AG. In a couple of weeks, Frank will be racing four 50K runs in four days in Hawaii at the Mainly Marathons event. Good luck Frank!!

(Had to include a photo of the coach on holiday – ha!)


Buckeye 10K, Anthem Sprint Tri, Scottsdale 1/2 Marathon, Scottsdale 5K, Kiawah Is Marathon, 12Ks of Christmas

kory-mccarthy-10k-buckeye-1st-overall-dec-2016Last weekend was a great weekend for racing! Congrats to Kory McCarthy (pictured) who ran the Buckeye 10K in 39:57 and took 1st overall!

Anthem Sprint Tri

Joe Gervais – 1:08 – 1st in Ag and 15th overall!

Scottsdale ½ Marathon

Peter Ney – 1:30 – 5th in AG

Kyrsten Sinema – 1:58 – PR!

Bo Micek – 1:54 – 35th in AG

Scottsdale 5K

David Hay – 26:07 – 4th in AG!

Mike Auther – 21:09 – 1st in AG!

Kiawah Is Marathon

Frank Smith 4:23 – 33rd in AG. Frank keeps his monthly marathon streak alive!

12Ks of Christmas

Beth Lofquist – 1:10 – 3rd in AG!