Twin Cities Ultra Looney Challenge, World Championship Qualifier Sprint Triathlon- Sarasota, FL, Rockhopper Xterra Tri

Tali Toncray Javelina Jangover 75K

Just now catching up on the last two weekends of racing . . .

First, Melissa Samuelson ran the Twin Cities Ultra Looney Challenge last weekend. The challenge includes running a 10K and 5K the day before running the Twin Cities Marathon. Melissa ran a 55:19 10K and a 27:26 5K. She then followed those up with a nice 3:56 marathon! Her overall time of 5:10 helped her finish the Challenge as 4th overall female and 3rd in her AG! Nice job Melissa!

This past weekend, David Hay raced the special World Championship Qualifier Sprint Triathlon in Sarasota, FL. This was a draft legal race and top finishers qualified to be on Team USA and race the Sprint World Championship next year in Switzerland. David finished 3rd in his AG and secured a spot!

At the Rockhopper Xterra Tri in Tempe, Joan McGue finished in 3:04 and took 1st in her AG! Joan has raced this event going back many years. Way to go Joan!

By the way, the photo here is Tali Toncray demonstrating her best one-legged pirate during the Javelina Jangover 75K from a couple of weeks ago!

Good luck to everyone racing at Arizona 70.3 this weekend!

Javelina Jangover 75K Ultra-Run, Las Vegas Tri, Mission Bay Olympic Tri, Ironman Chattanooga, Mesa Family Sprint Tri, Summer Night Trail Run – Tempe

Quite the weekend of racing! Congratulations to Tali Toncray (pictured) who placed first overall female at the Javelina Jangover 75K Ultra-Run that was held in McDowell Mountain Park. This was Tali’s first overall as an ultra-runner!

At the Las Vegas Tri, Cortney Ellish finished her first race after many years away with a time of 1:32 over the sprint distance. This time earned her 3rd in her AG and 11th overall!

Brad Lundahl finished the Mission Bay Olympic Tri in San Diego with a time of 2:15 and took 5th in his AG.

In the you-can’t-make-this-up department, Frank Smith had a near miss with an alpaca on the bike course at Ironman Chattanooga. His family thought he was hallucinating when he said he saw an alpaca slide out the back of a pick-up truck and directly into the path of his bike. But when they saw the news that evening, cameras captured the local police in their efforts to reign in the wily beast. Unfortunately, this race resulted in a rare DNF for Frank. Not because of the alpaca, but due to heat stress on a 90-degree, 80-percent humidity day.

Finally, Rebecca Felmly completed not just one, but two events on Saturday! She began the day with the Mesa Family Sprint Tri, finishing in 1:51and ended it with the quarter marathon Summer Night Trail Run in Tempe, crossing the line in 1:59!

Nice job everyone!

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Mogollon Monster 100 – Payson, AZ, Lifetime Tri – Tempe

We want to give a big shout out to Brandon Welling who raced his first 100-mile run this past weekend at the Mogollon Monster 100 near Payson. Brandon finished in 34:56 and was the 53rd overall finisher in the race! Running a 100-mile race is a massive accomplishment. For those of you looking for a new physical and mental challenge, a 50- or 100-miler might be for you! Way to go Brandon!

Congratulations to all of you who raced the Lifetime Triathlon in Tempe. It was one of the hottest on record!!

Tempe Sprint
Terry Crowley – 1:46 – 1st ever triathlon!
Rebecca Felmly – 2:10

Tempe Olympic
Joe Dundas – 2:44 – 4th in AG!
Don Ennis – 2:58
Jason Prenger – 4:16

Ironman Wisconsin

Congratulations to Marc Suarez who raced Ironman Wisconsin this past weekend and recorded a PR for the distance. He finished the hilly race in 14:45 which was 4 min faster than his IMAZ time from last year. Nice job Marc!!

Good luck to Brandon Welling who is running the Mogollon Monster 100 miler this weekend in AZ!

Also, good luck to everyone racing the Tempe Triathlon!

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)- Chamonix, France and Hamilton Nightglow Marathon, Ohio

We are THRILLED to report that longtime Camelback Coaching athlete Toby Baum completed the most prestigious ultra-running race in the world, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, or UTMB. In this race, the pinnacle of all ultra-running events, he ran 103 miles around Mont Blanc, starting and finishing in Chamonix, France, in 42 hours and 57 minutes, placing 1129th out of 2561 starters. This event is grueling–782 runners DNF’d–but Toby carried on to cross the finish line on Sunday, our very first Camelback Coaching athlete to ever start and finish this race. We cannot overstate how big a deal this is in the endurance racing community. Just incredible. Well done, Toby.

And in more news –this also falling into the EPIC category–another of our longtime CC athletes, Frank Smith, finished the Hamilton Nightglow Marathon in Ohio in 5:45 and took 3rd in his AG. This was Frank’s 128th marathon. Not a typo. 128th. For six years in a row, Frank has run a marathon or ultra every month! What a streak! To you, Frank, we offer another well-deserved well-done.

Just incredible endurance racing news all the way around this week. Great job, guys!

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Machu Picchu

While Toby Baum is running around Mont Blanc and Ryan Mitchell is descending Mount Rainier, CC athlete and CC alums, Peter Lofquist, Beth Lofquist, and Cheryl Stadlman trekked up to the ancient Inca city, Machu Picchu, located high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Wonderful to see these adventurous souls in action!

Mount Rainier

Ryan Mitchell, summit of Mount Rainier

Congratulations to Ryan Mitchell who just summited Mount Rainier! Long, challenging route this year due to the conditions and locations of crevasses. He left at midnight from base camp and made the summit at 7:30am, then descended 10,000 feet to make it back by 4:30pm. A 16-1/2 hour day for this 14,411-foot peak. Huge congrats, Ryan!

UTMB – Chamonix, France

This river is the Arve that runs through Chamonix. Mont Blanc in the background.
















Wanted to share a couple of photos from Toby Baum who is in Chamonix, France this weekend for the UTMB. For those of you who do not know, UTMB stands for Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and is considered one of the hardest endurance challenges in the world. It is a 103-mile ultra-run that circumnavigates Mont Blanc in the French Alps. The total elevation gain is 31,500 feet! The race starts and finishes in the awesome mountain town of Chamonix. Most runners will take 32 to 45 hours to finish the race and will run through two nights. Toby is our first athlete to take on this challenge. You can learn more about UTMB at There is actually a weeklong festival of ultra-running that accompanies the UTMB. Good luck Toby!!


UTMB start/finish line in Chamonix