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Women For Tri Board of Advisors

Congratulations to our athlete, Kyrsten Sinema, on being named to the Ironman/Lifetime Women for Tri board of advisors. Kyrsten is one of twelve members selected from a field of 650 applicants! The goal of Women for Tri is to continue to empower new female … Continue reading

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To Brick or Not to Brick

“Only the Sith deal in absolutes.” I know, I know. A hokey Star Wars reference. [Sorry, new Episode 7 trailer on the brain]. But in this, I have to agree with the Jedi. More often than not, dealing in absolutes … Continue reading

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Mental Toughness: See Joan McGue

Joan McGue made the bike cut-off at Ironman Arizona this year by five seconds.  Her timing chip was pulled at the 13.1-mile mark of the run. She did not cross the finish line. But of the twenty-six Camelback Coaching athletes … Continue reading

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Coach Rants: When an athlete says, “I want to go fast!”

Athletes who have worked with us over several seasons and have done their training as indicated, have usually enjoyed steady improvement and done so without injury. But when we sit down at the end of the year to plan for … Continue reading

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3TV Sports clip featuring SheriAnne Nelson who is on her way to Kona and the Ironman World Championships

Camelback Coaching athlete, SheriAnne Nelson, will be headed to Kona next week for the Ironman World Championships. She was featured on 3TV Sports. Here’s a link to the clip. Enjoy!  

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Ironman Lecture Series 2013 schedule

In June, we will start our monthly Ironman lecture series for the ninth consecutive year. These lectures will be held on the first Monday (usually) of each month and will discuss in detail subjects pertaining to Ironman training and racing. Subjects will include training volumes, equipment … Continue reading

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So, it’s two weeks until Ironman . . .

Congratulations on making it through your Ironman training! Now that it’s taper time, we want to remind you of a few things. Over the past several months, you have accumulated quite a bit of fatigue with your training. The stress … Continue reading

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Five common Ironman racing mistakes

Five Common Ironman Racing Mistakes Arriving to race day overtrained or with an inadequate taper Inflexible nutrition plan Not anticipating the bad patches and/or not having a way to deal with them Over-biking Overhydrating on the run We’ve seen them … Continue reading

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