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20 Calming Techniques for Open Water Swimming

We would probably trade our first born for an open water swim that looked like this. Some swimmers actually get to experience conditions these, the ones leading the race, like an Andy Potts or a Lars Jorgenson, once they’ve broken … Continue reading

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The Recovery Phase of the Swim Stroke is Exactly That

It’s easy to get bogged down in the technicalities associated with executing a proper swim stroke recovery and forget the guiding principle behind it. And that is . . . wait for it . . . to recover. From the … Continue reading

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Should swimming hard look hard?

Swimmers are a hard lot. We enter the pool at 5:30 in the morning, swim massive yards—swim them hard—and then do it again in the afternoon. We do it day after day. No easy sets. No extra rest. All pain. All guts. No … Continue reading

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Triathlete Psychology 101: Managing Inflated Race Expectations

First, a few “technical” definitions: The clunker race – a dramatic under-performance based on capabilities predicted from training The mean race – a performance at or near, just above or below, a level that training indicates The breakthrough race – … Continue reading

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2-count vs 3-count breathing

“Do I need to swim with 3-count, or bilateral, breathing?” No. I’m surprised how many swimmers believe they MUST take three strokes between breaths. It’s just not true. A 2-count breathing pattern is perfectly acceptable. 2-count breathing means taking two … Continue reading

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“Sync” swim

This video was taken during our coach training with Terry Laughlin, head coach and founder of Total Immersion swimming. We almost got this in sync! Sync Swim – Side

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Swimming with Terry Laughlin, founder of Total Immersion

We enjoyed three days of quality swim coach training with the head coach and founder of Total Immersion Swimming, Terry Laughlin, this weekend. We were joined by Joe Novak, Jeff Utsch, and Patrick Brundage who swam at West Point, Univ … Continue reading

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Coach Rants: When an athlete says, “I want to go fast!”

Athletes who have worked with us over several seasons and have done their training as indicated, have usually enjoyed steady improvement and done so without injury. But when we sit down at the end of the year to plan for … Continue reading

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Catch vs Pull

When you open a door, you grab the knob and “pull.”  Your hand moves toward you and your elbow and shoulder slide backward in the process.  Swimmers who don’t anchor effectively, do the same thing in the water, slipping as … Continue reading

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Wildflower logistics and race strategy

Wildflower—a world renowned triathlon classic. Here are some points on logistics and race strategy for the long course event that you might find useful. Arrival/camping One of the things that makes the Wildflower experience unique is the camping. Yep, you … Continue reading

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