JFK 50-miler, IMAZ

2016-11-20-12-24-48Hope you all are enjoying a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend!

A nice time to reflect on what happened LAST weekend, as far as racing goes, anyway. Of course, I’m talking about IMAZ.

But first, also last weekend, congratulations to Kyrsten Sinema who ran the JFK 50 Miler and finished in a solid 12:30! Kyrsten remarked that it was definitely tougher on the body than an IM. Our hats are always off to ultrarunners.

As you know, for IMAZ, the race took place under near perfect racing conditions. How great that you all can remember a world record was set on the course this day. Great job to all our racers!

Eero Allison – 11:44, PR!!
Heather Wilson – 12:13 with a 4:15 marathon!!
Sally Borg – 14:13 – PR and 6th in AG!!
Steve Sweeney – 12:23 in his first IM!!
Amy Engel – 15:27 and her 8th IM!
Joe Gervais – 12:27
Heather Grahame – 14:28 and 7th in AG in her first IM!
Tali Toncray – 11:39 with a 4:04 marathon and 7th in AG!
Kristin Patterson – 13:59 in her first IM!
Paul Kluzak – 11:35 in his 7th IMAZ!

Bring on the meat of the running season and look forward to 2017!!!

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