Galveston 70.3, Rocky Point Tri, Pat’s Run, Cottonwood 20K TT, Answer to the Challenge Bike, Whiskey Off-road 30-mile and 50-mile,

Patrick Haenel worlds qualifier Apr 15A great weekend for racing and training–gotta love the stormy weather! CC athletes competed in a wide variety of events this past weekend, but we’d like to congratulate Patrick Haenel (pictured second from left) for his race at the Galveston 70.3 in Texas. Patrick finished in a nice 5:10 and took 3rd place in his AG. This qualified him for the 70.3 World Championships to be held in Austria later this summer. Patrick has only been at this sport for a couple of seasons now, but has shown rock steady improvement all the way!

Galveston 70.3

Patrick Haenel – 5:10 – 3rd in AG –qualified for World Championships!

Rocky Point Sprint

Andrea Aker – 1:14 – 2nd in AG – this was Andrea’s first ever tri!

Rocky Point Olympic

Kyrsten Sinema – 3:11 – 7th in AG

Dana Kennedy – 2:55 – 2nd in AG – PR!

Pat’s Run

Ken Mantay – 43:33 – Ken will be racing Roth later this summer.

Eero Allison – 30:27

Heather Wilson – 30:52 – PR!

Cottonwood 20K TT

Peter Ney – 30:07 (24.8mph) – 2nd in Masters+ division

Answer to the Challenge Bike Ride (92 miles, 10,000’ of climbing)

Sue Frome – 7:39

Whiskey Off Road 30 mile MTB

Mark Livingston – 3:21 – Mark is racing IMAZ later this year.

Whiskey Off Road 50 Miler

Darren West – 5:52 – Darren is a long time Ironman athlete.

Good luck to every racing Esprit de She this weekend and to Tali Klip and Brian Toncray who are racing the Wildflower Long Course Tri!!

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Riverboat Marathon Series Day 3

Frank Smith Riverboat Marathon Series Apr 15“Marathon” Frank Smith just finished day number three of the Riverboat marathon series (7 marathons in 7 days in 7 states). He finished the first two days right around 5 hours and went 5:24 today over a hilly trail course in Kentucky. Tennessee is tomorrow! Keep it up Frank!

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Marquee Triathlon, Riverboat Marathon Series, Goodyear Sprint, St. Louis Half Marathon

2015-04-12 10.57.58We lucked out with great weather this weekend, which resulted in some great times and many PR’s! Three of our athletes took first in their age groups:  Jona Davis with a 2:30 in the Olympic, and Tali Klip and Kevin La Ra in the sprint, with times of 1:17 and 1:10 respectively.

We must report on the legend, Frank Smith, who completed Day 1 of the Riverboat Series, the first of seven marathons in seven days in seven states. Day 1 was yesterday and he finished in 5:01. Only 6 more to go this week!

And Mark Livingston ran the St. Louis ½ marathon this weekend and he finished in an impressive 1:37 and took 14th in his AG. The 1:37 was a PR for him by over 15 min!

Congratulations, everyone!

Marquee Sprint

Lindsey Buckman                   2:01     16th

Clay Clark                               1:40     5th

Dana Kennedy                        1:28     7th

CJ Ketterer                              1:25     3rd

Tali Klip                                  1:17     1st

Kevin La Ra                            1:10     1st  PR!

Beth Lofquist                          1:38     7th

Sherrie Logg                           1:45     14th

Joan McGue                            1:44     3rd

Bret Scott                                1:27     13th

Dina Scott                               1:44     9th

Russell Vanbeber                    1:19     13th

Barb Wang                              1:32     4th

Marquee Olympic

Sally Borg                               2:57     8th  PR!

Ashley Crossman                    2:52     8th

Jona Davis                               2:30     1st

Pat Devine                              2:32     18th

Sharon Johnston                      2:51     5th

Amber Manuelito                    3:08     15th

Preston Miller                           3:03    2nd

Ken Mantay                            3:17     43rd

Susy Signa                              3:05     10th

Kyrsten Sinema                       3:07     14th

Kathy Stanley                         2:41     2nd  PR!

Andy Wall                              3:17     45th

St. Louis Half Marathon

Mark Livingston                     1:37     14th  PR!

YMCA Goodyear Sprint

Kim Essendrup                       1:06     4th Overall Male

Riverboat Marathon Series

Frank Smith                            5:01 (1st Marathon of 7 in 7 days)

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Lavaman, Oceanside 70.3, Sidney’s Run 10K

Our athletes raced in Hawaii, CA and AZ last weekend!

In Hawaii, Heather Grahame raced the tough, Lava Man Olympic Tri. She finished in 2:59 and took 2nd in her AG!

In CA, Russell VanBeberPat Haenel and Jennifer Klein raced Oceanside 70.3. Russell finished in 6:58. Pat came home in 5:39 and took 12th in his AG and Jennifer finished in 6:53. This was Jennifer’s first ½ IM!

Joan McGue raced the Sidney’s Run 10K locally and finished in 1:02 and took 3rd in her AG!

Great job, guys!

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Tri for the Cure, Lake Havasu Sprint and Olympic, AZ Distance Classic Half Marathon

A great start to the tri season this past weekend! Congratulations to everyone who raced at Lake Havasu and at the Tri for the Cure! Special acknowledgement goes out to Gabi Wasserman who finished first overall in the Lake Havasu Sprint and to Jona Davis who took 2nd overall at the Tri for the Cure!

Lake Havasu Sprint Tri

Gabi Wasserman – 1:05 – 1st overall!!

Bret Scott – 1:24 – 3rd in AG

Dina Scott – 1:45 – 2nd in AG – 1st ever podium finish!!

Mark Livingston – 1:18 – 1st in AG – Mark is racing IMAZ later this fall.

Lake Havasu Olympic Tri

Mike Haenel – 3:05 – 3rd in AG

Adela Riehle – 3:11 – 2nd in AG – Adela is racing IM Texas this Spring.

Tri for the Cure

Jona Davis – 48:38 – 2nd overall!!

Susy Signa – 1:03 – 9th in AG – Susy is racing IMAZ for the second time this year.

Barb Wang – 1:01 – 4th in AG

Kathy Stanley – 51:55 – 1st in AG – Kathy is a long time sprint athlete that is giving IMAZ a go this year!

Dana Kennedy – 58:52 – 5th in AG.

Kyrsten Sinema – 1:02 – 6th in AG – Kyrsten and Dan will be taking on IM Hawaii in Oct.

AZ Distance Classic Half Marathon, Oro Valley

Heather Wilson – 1:51:56

Eero Allison – 1:51:05

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NYC Half Marathon, Mesquite Canyon 50K/50miler, Solvang Century, AZ Tough Mudder

Results from the weekend!

Andy Cashetta ran the NYC Half Marathon and PR’d with a time of 1:36!

Tali Klip and Toby Baum ran the Mesquite Canyon 50K/50Miler in hot conditions. Tali finished the 50K while Toby ran the 50 miles. This race covered extremely rugged terrain with huge doses of climbing and hiking. The DNF rate was close to 50%. Toby earned a point towards UTMB qualification by completing the 50 miler. UTMB is the world’s most famous ultra-race and takes place in Chamonix, France.

Andrea Aker raced her first bike event at the Solvang Century in CA. She finished the hilly 50 mile race in 3.5 hours.

Gabi Wasserman ran the AZ Tough Mudder 11mile obstacle run. Gabi was the first finisher although they do not keep official finishing results.

Good luck to everyone racing Tri for the Cure and the Lake Havasu Triathlon this coming weekend. The Havasu weekend has traditionally marked the beginning of the AZ Tri season. Here’s to a great one!

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Mountain to Fountain, Hope for the Cause 5K, Peoria Sprint, Run Hard Marathon

Mountain to Fountain

Mountain to Fountain

We had a mix of races this past weekend with runs and triathlons. Kyrsten Sinema took first overall in the local Hope for the Cause 5K! Kyrsten will be racing IM Hawaii in Oct.

Special congratulations goes out to Frank Smith who raced another marathon is his monthly marathon streak. Frank finished the Run Hard Marathon in Columbia, S.C. in 4:19 and took 8th in his AG!

Closer to home, our athletes raced at Mountain to Fountain 15K and the Peoria Sprint Triathlon.

In the Peoria Sprint, Kevin La Ra took an impressive 1st in his AG and 7th overall male! Paul Daniels achieved a PR and took 2nd in his AG!

Mountain to Fountain 15K

Russell VanBeber – 1:15 – 15th in AG

Susy Signa – 1:18 – 6th in AG

Caroline Sekaquaptewa – 1:03 – 3rd in AG (see picture, note one-legged pirate stance)

Peoria Sprint Tri

Kevin La Ra – 1:04 1st in AG

Paul Daniels – 1:26 PR! 2nd in AG

Run Hard Marathon, SC

Frank Smith – 4:19 – 8th in AG

Hope for the Cause 5K

Kyrsten Sinema – 1st overall!

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Phoenix 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and Desert Duathlon

Kevin La Ra Phoenix 10K age group winner

Kevin La Ra, Phoenix 10K age group winner

What a weekend for racing! The weather cooperated and our athletes put in some fine performances at the Phoenix 10K, Half-marathon and Marathon. And at the Desert Duathlon, all of our athletes stood on the podium! The race season is fully underway!

Phoenix 10K
Kevin La Ra – 42:39 – 1st in AG!
Ken Mantay – 1:06 – Ken will be racing at Challenge Roth later this summer.

Phoenix ½ Marathon
Barb Wang – 2:01 – 30th in AG
G Parekh – 1:37 – 13th in AG
Kathy Stanley – 1:48 – 8th in AG
Russell VanBeber – 1:49 – 65th in AG
Andy Wall – 2:22 – 125th in AG – Andy will be racing IMAZ this fall.

Phoenix Marathon
Dave Sprague – 5:02 – 1st ever marathon!!
Patrick Lynch – 3:15 – tied PR!!

Desert Duathlon
Adela Riehle – 2:34 – 2nd in AG – Adela will be racing IM Texas this Spring.
Joan McGue – 3:17 – 1st in AG – Joan raced the Off Road race.
CJ Ketterer – 2:22 – 2nd in AG

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Elephant Trail 12K and 22K, Brighton Half Marathon (UK), Nick’s Run 5K, Powerman Du Off Road, Mercedes Marathon (AL), RAGNAR Relay, Kiss MS Goodbye 10K

Kara Gibson JCC Tri

Kara Gibson JCC Tri

Spring is almost here and the race season is really picking up! Our athletes raced trail runs, marathons, half marathons, duathlons, triathlons and relay runs this past weekend. Congratulations to everyone!

Elephant Trail 12K

Jona Davis – 1:12 2nd in AG

Elephant Trail 22K

Adela Riehle – 2:44 – 26th female overall

Brighton Half Marathon (UK)

Ivory Green-Lott – 2:25

Nick’s Run 5K

Gabi Wasserman – 18:23 – PR!!

Powerman Du Off Road

Joan McGue – 3:43 – 1st in AG

Mercedes Marathon (AL)

Frank Smith – 4:22 – 15th in AG (70th marathon and counting!!)

JCC Sprint Tri

Kara Gibson – 1:26 – 8th overall, 3rd in AG

Clay Clark – 1:32 – 3rd in AG – Clay will be racing his first IMAZ this year.

Paul Daniels – 1:41 – 3rd in AG

Steve Sharp – 1:48 – 4th in AG


Toby Baum – finished as part of a 3-man team!

Dana Kennedy – Dana is racing IM Hawaii this year.

Andrea Aker – Andrea will be racing her first triathlon later this spring

Kiss MS Goodbye 10K

Kathy Stanley – 52:30 – Virtual race in support of the fight against MS. She ran the  in 52:30 as part of her long weekend run. Proceeds went to MS.

Great job everyone!

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Swim training with City of Peoria Fire Department

2015-02-23 10.21.05-1 Peoria Fire croppedCompleted another round of swim training today for the City of Peoria Fire Department. These rescue swimmers will be stationed at Lake Pleasant!

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