Horsetooth 10K Swim, ITU Sweden

ITU Sweden

ITU Sweden

Two events to report from the weekend! In Colorado, Peter Lofquist swam the 10K open water swim (yes, 10K!) at the Horsetooth 10K swim and finished in 3:46. This was a non-wetsuit swim in 68 deg water. Peter will be racing AZ 70.3 in Oct.

Across the pond in Sweden, Kim Essendrup raced the age group ITU Sweden Olympic distance race (the photo here shows the pro field at the race). Kim PR’d the distance and finished in 2:49. We have said it many times, but if you ever get the chance, do not miss an opportunity to race in Europe. The atmosphere is amazing. Kim has raced several races there, as he works part of the year in central Europe. Nice race, Kim!

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Mountain Man Olympic and Half, Lake Stevens 70.3, AFC Half Marathon, San Diego, Alcatraz Swim/Run

Amber Manuelito - Mountain Man Olympic

Amber Manuelito – Mountain Man Olympic

We enjoyed a HUGE weekend of racing with athletes toeing the line in CA, WA, and AZ! But first, congratulations to Jona Davis who found out yesterday that she qualified for the Sprint Distance World Championships to be held in Cozumel in September 2016. Way to go, Jona!

We also had three age group winners at Mountain Man Olympic. Congrats to Peter Ney (who was also 3rd overall), Kirk McCarville, and Kathy Stanley on their age group wins! And Joan McGue had an outstanding race, giving her a podium placing, as well, 3rd in her age group. Congrats, Joan!

Amber Manuelito is pictured here at Mountain Man Olympic. She shaved 36 minutes from last year’s race! A sweet PR indeed!

Congrats to all our racers!

Alcatraz Swim/Run (1.5mi swim, 7 mi run)

Mike Haenel – 2:27

AFC ½ Marathon in San Diego, Ca

Barb Wang – 2:17

Lake Stevens 70.3

Lindsey Buckman – 7:48 – Lindsey will be racing IMAZ in Nov.

Kyrsten Sinema – 6:42 – Kyrsten will racing Kona in Oct.

Mountain Man Olympic

Peter Ney – 2:10 –  3rd overall and 1st in AG!

Kim Essendrup – 2:57 – 12th in AG

Kirk McCarville – 2:43 – 1st in AG. Kirk will be racing IM Lake Tahoe in Sep.

Shashani Marcus – 3:32 – 12th in AG.

Amber Manuelito (pictured) – 3:06 – 11th in AG. Amber is racing IMAZ in Nov.

Sherrie Logg – 3:21 – 15th in AG – 1st Olympic distance race! Sherrie is racing IMAZ in Nov.

Joan McGue – 3:54 – 3rd in AG.

Kathy Stanley – 2:38 – 1st in AG! Kathy is racing IMAZ in Nov.

Mountain Man ½ IM

Dana Kennedy – 7:11 – 4th in AG – Dana will be racing Kona in Oct.

Brian Toncray – 5:38 – 4th in AG – Brian is racing IMAZ in Nov.

Seth Ellertson – 6:07 – 9th in AG – Seth is racing IM Maryland in Oct.

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Steelhead 70.3, MI, USAT National Championships, Milwaukee, WI, South Mountain 5K

Kevin La Ra - USAT Nationals

Kevin La Ra – USAT Nationals

Some impressive results to share from this past weekend!

Congratulations to Sharon Johnston and CC alum, Dwight Lundell who raced Steelhead 70.3 in Michigan. Sharon finished in 5:50 and took 6th in her AG. Dwight finished in 6:11 and took 1st in his AG. Dwight and Sharon will be racing at IM Hawaii in October.

The USAT National Championships were held in Milwaukee, WI, this weekend. In the Olympic race, CJ Ketterer finished in 2:47 and Kevin La Ra finished in an impressive 2:22. Heather Grahame finished in 2:55 and took 22nd in her AG. In the Sprint race, Jona Davis finished in 1:16 and placed 10th in her AG! Heather Grahame followed up her Olympic race on Saturday by racing the Sprint on Sunday and finished in 1:30 which placed her 13th in the AG.

And finally, at the South Mountain 5KMike Auther ran a solid time of 23:06 in hot and humid conditions. Mike is running the NYC Marathon in November.

Congrats all!

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Drake Well Marathon, PA, and Alpe d’Huez Triathlon, France

Paul Kluzak on Alpe d'Huez, France

Paul Kluzak on Alpe d’Huez, France

Congratulations this week go to Frank Smith and Paul Kluzak!

Frank Smith raced the Drake Well Marathon in PA this weekend, finishing in 4:55 and taking 4th in his AG. Frank is a long-time runner. This race marked his 35th month in a row of racing a marathon or ultra-run. He has completed 83 marathons (or longer runs) in his lifetime! Keep it going, Frank!

Paul Kluzak made the big trip across the Atlantic to test his mettle in one of the toughest triathlons on the planet – the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon. This race takes place in the French Alps and covers several iconic Tour de France climbs during the bike leg. The swim is a 1.6-mile swim in a 54-degree alpine lake. The bike course is 72 miles in length, including several alpine climbs and finishing with the 21 hairpin turns up Alpe d’Huez. The run is a half marathon over trails and roads at altitude. Paul finished in 8:26 and was 431st of 900 racers. This is an impressive ranking for a European race. Nice job Paul!

Good luck to everyone racing Mountain Man and Lake Stevens 70.3 this weekend!

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Ironman Canada, Vineman Aquabike

Sally Borg, Ironman Canada finisher!

Sally Borg, Ironman Canada finisher!

Congratulations to Sally Borg, who raced Ironman Canada on Sunday. Sally faced a brutal weather day, battling cold, wind, and rain. Tough as nails, she handled it, of course, and finished with a time of 15:18, taking an impressive 13th in her AG! Sally is now a two-time Ironman finisher. She raced IMC last year, as well.

At the Vineman Aquabike in CA, Peter Lofquist and Beth Lofquist had great performances! The Aquabike event is a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile ride. Peter finished in 3:30and took 5th in his AG. Beth finished in 4:12 and took 7th in her AG.

Great job, guys!

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Challenge Roth, Germany, Vineman 70.3, Spring Meadow Olympic, Montana, Mountain Man Sprint, Flagstaff

Lindsey Buckman Mountain Man Sprint Jul2015We enjoyed a great racing weekend, which included Challenge Roth in Germany, the Spring Meadow Olympic Tri in Montana, Vineman 70.3, and the Mountain Man Sprint!

First, congratulations to Ken Mantay who finished the Challenge Roth Iron-Distance race in Germany in 14:46. That was good enough for a PR!

In California, Dina Scott and Bret Scott raced Vineman 70.3. Bret finished in 6:12 and Dina came home in 7:59.

In Montana, Heather Grahame took 1st in her AG at the Spring Meadow Olympic Tri with a time of 2:54. She was also the 13th overall female! Heather will be racing at Nationals next month.

Closer to home, several CC athletes raced in Flag at the Mountain Man Sprint. Congrats to all!

Mountain Man Sprint

Jona Davis – 9th overall female, 1st in AG! 1:18.

Kathy Stanley – 12th overall female, 1st in AG! 1:19 – PR!

Kyrsten Sinema – 1:33 – 17 min PR! 5th in AG.

Dana Kennedy – 1:28 – 2nd in AG.

Peter Ney – 1:07 – 4th overall and 2nd in AG. Peter followed that race up with a 57 min 40K Time Trial at the Cotton Wood Time Trial race.

Andy Wall – 1:37 – 19th AG.

Lindsey Buckman – 1:56 – 11th in AG.

Brad Baumgardner – 1:32 – 8th in AG.

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Firecracker runs across the country!

We hope you all had a nice 4th of July weekend! A few of our athletes enjoyed firecracker races in states around the country.

Congrats to Joan McGue and Mike Auther, who ran the local Firecracker 4-miler. Joan finished in 41:10 and Mike finished in 32:10.

In Minnesota, Sally Borg ran a 5K in 26:32. Sally will be racing IM Canada in a couple of weeks.

In MichiganMike and Pat Haenel ran a 10-Miler. Mike finished in 1:26. Not sure how Pat did, but we’re sure he kicked it in to finish in front of his dad J. Pat is racing the 70.3 World Championships in Austria in August and Mike will be racing his first 70.3 in Lake Tahoe in September.

Lots of races coming up this weekend with Vineman 70.3, Mountain Man Sprint, and Carlsbad Sprint. Also, good luck to Kim Essendrup and Ken Mantay, who are racing the iconic Challenge Roth Iron Distance race in Germany!


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Ironman Coeur d’Alene, San Diego International

Jona Davis on the podium in San Diego!

Jona Davis on the podium in San Diego!

Another big weekend of racing! The heat has been out in force around the West and it was no different in Coeur d’Alene. Congratulations to Ashley Crossman who raced Ironman Coeur d’Alene this weekend in Idaho. It was a record hot day in CDA with temps approaching 110 degrees! Normally, people choose to do this race in part because of the reasonable temperatures—usually in the 70s and 80s. This was Ashley’s first attempt at an Ironman and she finished in 15 hours. Nice job Ashley!

The long-running San Diego International was also held this weekend. We had four athletes racing and Jona Davis took home an impressive 1st place in her AG and 15th overall female in this highly competitive race.

Ashley Crossman – 15:00:02

San Diego International Olympic

Jona Davis – 2:00:53 – 1st in AG, 15th overall!

Dana Kennedy – 2:39 – 18th in AG

Kyrsten Sinema – 2:31 – 20th in AG

San Diego International Sprint

Melissa Samuelson – 1:27 – 4th in AG

Happy early 4th of July!

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Lake Meridian Sprint, WA, Enchanted Forest MTB, NM, Challenge Heilbronn, Germany

Three-level transition area, Challenge Heilbronn, Germany

Three-level transition area, Challenge Heilbronn, Germany

Two big results from last weekend! Congratulations to Jennifer Klein and Ric Emery.

First, Jennifer Klein competed in the Lake Meridian Sprint Tri in Washington State and took 2nd in her AG with a time of 1:41. Nice job Jennifer!

In New Mexico, long time Camelback Coaching athlete, Ric Emery, competed in the grueling 24-hour Enchanted Forest MTB race. Ric raced in the single speed solo category and covered 211 miles in 24 hours. This placed him first in the Single Speed Solo Category! This is Ric’s first overall win after doing this sport for several years. Way to go Ric!

And finally, introducing the three-level transition area! Kim Essendrup sent us this photo from his son’s race at Challenge Heilbronn in Germany. All athletes had to run to the top, then descend the levels with their bike, and run out. Same on the way back. How’s that on tired legs!

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Boise 70.3, Hatfield and McCoy Marathon, HFM Maritime Marathon

Heather Grahame Boise 70.3It was a hot weekend for racing last weekend! Two Camelback Coaching athletes raced at Boise 70.3 and we had just as many podium finishes! Sharon Johnston finished in 5:59, taking  2nd in her AG, while Heather Grahame (pictured) finished in 6:44 to take 3rd in her AG!

Frank Smith ran the Hatfield and McCoy Marathon in 5:35 and finished 14th in his AG on a day when temperatures reached 96 degrees during the race!

And Andy Cashetta ran the HFM Maritime Marathon in Wisconsin. He finished in 3:42 and took 51st overall male.

Nice race, all!

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