ACLI Capital Challenge 3-mile race, Washington, D. C., Canyon Lake 3000-meter swim, Night Adrenaline 10K Run

Kyrsten Sinema "Fastest Woman in Congress!"

Kyrsten Sinema “Fastest Woman in Congress!”

Huge congrats to Kyrsten Sinema who ran the ACLI Capital Challenge 3-mile race this morning in Washington, D.C. . This is the 35th year this race has been held. Members of Congress, the Executive Branch, staff members, and industry insiders race to raise money for charity. For the fourth year in a row, Kyrsten earned the title, “Fastest Woman in Congress!” Four years ago, the first time she did this race, she came in at 24:15. Today, 23:01!!! Now there’s some steady improvement. Way to go, Kyrsten!

Also, congratulations to Peter Ney who raced two events in one day this last weekend. Peter raced the Canyon Lake 3,000m swim and the Night Adrenaline 10K run. He finished the swim in 39 minutes in the morning and then followed that up with a 43 min 10K in the evening (3rd overall!). Nice job Peter!

Good luck to everyone racing Tempe International this weekend. Anne and I will have our tent up at the race and hope to see you there!

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St. George 70.3

Adela Riehle - St. George 70.3 finish!

Adela Riehle – St. George 70.3 finish!

Part two of the weekend’s race coverage takes us to St. George, Utah, where the weather was not so nice. Cold temperatures, strong winds, and heavy rain mad it a tough day for everyone racing St. George 70.3. Despite the weather challenges, our athletes posted some pretty solid times. The DNF rate was quite high at this race. Congrats to everyone who toughed it out!

St. George 70.3

Tali Toncray – 6:29 – 29th in AG

Brian Toncray – 5:45 – 46th in AG

Adela Riehle – 6:48 – 44th in AG

Patrick Haenel - St. George finish - perfect one-legged pirate!

Patrick Haenel – St. George finish – perfect one-legged pirate!

Patrick Haenel – 5:39 – 40th in AG

Kory McCarthy – 6:01 – 104th in AG

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Mainly Marathon Series, Canyons 100K, Esprit de She Duathlon, Sahuarita Lake Olympic, Grinder 30-mile Gravel Road Race

Toby Baum - Canyons 100K

Toby Baum – Canyons 100K

We had so much great racing this weekend, we’re splitting it into two posts. Overall, though, it was a great weekend of racing despite some pretty serious weather challenges! First of all, congratulations to Frank Smith who became the first person to complete five 50K runs in five state over five days. Frank ran in the Mainly Marathon Series event last week and ran a 50K in DE (6:05), MD (6:29), PA (6:43), NJ (6:53), and NY (7:03). He finished first overall!

Also in the world of ultra-running, Toby Baum completed the tough Canyons 100K run near Auburn, CA in 17:51. Toby had to deal with the cold, rain, and wind like much of the west had to on Sat and Sun. Nice job Toby!

Closer to home we had some decent weather and some fast racing with many podium finishes!

Esprit de She Duathlon Sprint

Joan McGue – 1:18 – 1st in AG!

Esprit de She Olympic Du

Kyrsten Sinema – 2:21 – 4th in AG

Sahuarita Olympic Tri (Tucson)

Peter Ney – 2:05 – 2nd overall male!

Grinder 30 mile gravel road race (Prescott)

Jona Davis – 3:05 – 5th overall female!

Congrats everyone!

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Superheroes Not Necessarily Super Runners

Marvel cast - Civil War

Marvel cast – Civil War

Like millions of moviegoers, my family and I enjoyed the mega-opening for Marvel’s Civil War this weekend. Yes, we were relaxing, but it seems, our inner coach is always on duty. Sort of like the dentist.  No matter who they meet, the evaluation is happening, consciously or not. Overbite. Underbite. Man, that guy could use a new crown. . . .

So it will come as no surprise that the analysis continued this morning when we saw the picture attached to the newspaper article that proclaimed Civil War the runaway winner at the box office over the weekend.

My husband called me over. “Hey, Anne, which superhero has the best run form?” My evaluation took about half a second. “Ant-man,” I said. My husband agreed.

Haile Gebrselassie - distance running great

Haile Gebrselassie – distance running great

Notice his lead foot landing right underneath his center of gravity. Great heel lift in the back. The classic S-shaped running form, or as we call it, the one-legged pirate. When you look at an efficient runner head on (see photo of distance running great, Haile Gebrselassie, to the left) only the upper leg—hip to knee—will be visible on one side.  This means that the heel is coming up cleanly behind the runner, no wasted motion, and is setting itself up to land under the runner’s center of gravity.

Maybe it’s the wings that are impacting Falcon’s run gait, but that’s quite the over-stride.  And Scarlett Witch? Yep, she’s an over-strider, too.

Hawkeye’s leg flares away from his body, and he’s lifting his thigh to begin the run stride. Captain America has good heel lift, however, his thigh is also lifted forward. When the thigh lift is exaggerated like this, the lower leg often follows, setting the runner up for an over-stride.

Why is over-striding a big deal? Well, when your foot lands in front of you, you’re decelerating—slamming on the brakes—and it’s a horribly inefficient way to run. Ant-man definitely has it right by getting that lead foot down underneath him, nothing slowing his forward progress, just like any elite runner would do.

And finally, Winter Soldier. He exhibits a side foot flare similar to Hawkeye, and he’s shrugging his shoulders, which does not result in a natural, fluid arm carriage. Granted, his left metal arm is probably unnaturally heavy, so he’s compensating, but still.

So here’s to Ant-man! A superhero and a super runner!

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Mesa Sprint Tri, Rocky Point Tri, Fort Collins Half Marathon

We had some fabulous results over the weekend with athletes racing in Mesa, Rocky Point, and Colorado!

Rebecca Felmly - Fort Collins Half Marathon

Rebecca Felmly – Fort Collins Half Marathon

Mesa Sprint Tri

Jennifer Talbot – 1:19 – 2nd overall female and 1st in her AG!

Russell VanBeber – 1:09 – 7th overall male and 1st in his AG! Russell did this despite suffering a serious knee injury during the run!

Rocky Point Olympic Tri

Kyrsten Sinema – 3:02 – 5th in AG

Rocky Point 5K

Kory McCarthy – 20:41 – 2nd overall male!

Fort Collins ½ Marathon

Rebecca Felmly – 3:07 – It snowed for 10 of the 13.1 miles! Rebecca is racing IMAZ this year.

From Rebecca Felmly at the Fort Collins Half Marathon - gorgeous!!!

From Rebecca Felmly at the Fort Collins Half Marathon – gorgeous!!!

We’d like to wish good luck this weekend to Frank Smith and Toby Baum. Frank is racing the Mainly Marathon Series this week. This is an event where athletes complete a 50K run in five consecutive days across 5 different states. Frank’s first day is tomorrow in Delaware. He finishes on Sunday in NY. Toby Baum is taking on the Canyons Endurance 100Krace in Auburn, Ca. This race covers some of the same ground as the famous Western States 100 miler. Good luck Frank and Toby!!

Also, we’re sending the positive mojo to our athletes racing in St. George 70.3 this weekend! This includes Patrick HaenelTali ToncrayBrian ToncrayKory McCarthy, and Adela Riehle.

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More Pat’s Run Results and Mallorca Triathlon, Spain

Kim Essendrup in Mallorca

Kim Essendrup in Mallorca

More race results!

Kim Essendrup raced the Mallorca Draft Legal Olympic Tri this past weekend. What an awesome place to race! He finished in a nice 2:46. Check out the photos below. I have often said it, but if you ever get a chance to race in Europe – go for it! It can be a lifetime moment!

I also forgot to mention Kyrsten Sinema in the Pat’s Run results. Kyrsten ran a 33:33 and took 48th in her AG of 2,917! This was a Pat’s Run PR for her. For her next race, Kyrsten will be defending her title at the ACLI Capital Challenge in May. This is a 3 mile race where the “fastest member of Congress” is crowned!

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Big Sur Marathon, Pat’s Run, Superhero 5K

Great weekend of racing! Congrats to everyone who ran Pat’s Run! Here’s what we have so far.

Pat’s Run

Karla Delord – 34:27 – 19th in her AG!

Steve Sharp – 54:16

Robin Grenko – 41:07

Joan McGue ran the Super hero 5K and finished in 27:27 taking 7th overall female!

A big shout out goes to Vicki Monsey. You may remember that Vicki ran an impressive 3:21 at Boston just a week ago. This past weekend she did the legendary double of running the Big Sur Marathon just 6 days after Boston. Vicki ran a super 3:29 at Big Sur. Vicki was one of 227 women who took on the challenge of Boston and Big Sur. Her combined time placed her 9th overall female for the double!! Her average pace when both marathons were combined was an impressive 7:50/mile!

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Boston Marathon, Bartlett Lake Tri, Arcadia 5K

Bartlett Lake Finisher Trophy Tali Toncray 5th overall female Apr 16We had some great results this past weekend! We especially want to recognize Vicki Monsey. Vicki ran the Boston Marathon on Monday and logged one of the best paced marathons we have seen. She finished in 3:21 and took 19th in her AG of over 1,200! She went through 13.1 miles at 1:40 – exactly ½ of her finishing time! The difference between her fastest mile and slowest mile was only 13 sec. Several of her fastest miles occurred in the last 5K! It was a perfectly executed race. To top it off, she is slated to run the Big Sur Marathon this weekend!

The Bartlett Lake Triathlon was also held this weekend. It is one of the toughest race courses in AZ, and this year, included strong, blustery winds. Huge congratulations to Peter Ney who placed first overall in the sprint distance!


Peter Ney – 1:29 – 1st overall male!

Steve Sharp – 2:21 – 4th in AG


Brian Toncray – 3:04 – 2nd in AG

Kory McCarthy – 3:05 – 2nd in AG

Tali Toncray – 3:27 – 2nd in AG, 5th overall female!

Adela Riehle – 3:40 – 1st in AG!

Kristin Patterson – 3:50 – 2nd in AG – Kristin will be racing her first IM at IMAZ later this year.

Team Taylor 5K – Arcadia

Mike Auther – 21:26 – 14th overall!

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Ohio River Road Runners Club Marathon, St. Louis Half Marathon, D-Backs 5K

We had some nice running races this past weekend. Congratulations to Frank Smith who finished the Ohio River Road Runners Club Marathon in 4:26. Frank kept his monthly marathon streak alive and took 5th place in his AG!

We would also like to recognize Mark Livingston who ran the St. Louis ½ Marathon in 1:39 and took 13th in his AG. Mark is aiming for his first 50-miler later this year.

Locally, Mike Auther PR’d at the D-Backs 5K with a nice time of 21:03!

Good luck to everyone racing the Bartlett Lake Triathlons this weekend!

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Oceanside 70.3, SW Valley YMCA Tri-Family Sprint

Oceanside 70.3 medalGreat weekend of racing at long and short races this weekend! Congratulations to everyone who raced Oceanside 70.3. The race included one of the tougher swims in recent years with plenty of chop and large swells.

Oceanside 70.3

Joan McGue – 8:13 – 11th in AG

Mike Haenel – 6:42 – 42nd in AG. 2nd ever 70.3 after racing sick in Tahoe last year!

Kyrsten Sinema – 6:45 – 67th in AG

SW Valley YMCA Tri Family Sprint

Marc Suarez – 1:14 – 12th overall and 3rd in his AG!

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