12 Hours of Fury MTB race, McDowell Mountain Park, Gilbert 10K, Gilbert Half Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon

Philadelphia Marathon finisher's medal - pretty cool! Courtesy of Adela Riehle

Philadelphia Marathon finisher’s medal – pretty cool! Courtesy of Adela Riehle

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

The running and mountain bike racing seasons are in full swing. Congratulations to Ric Emery who raced the 12 hours of Fury MTB endurance race this past weekend in McDowell Mountain Park. Ric races in the tough, single speed category and covered 120.8 miles in 10:50. This was fast enough for 3rd place in the category. Second through fourth place were separated by a mere nine minutes after 12 hours of racing!




In running events:

Gilbert 10K

Christina Summers – 47:54. This was fast enough for 3rd place in her AG and 5th place overall female!

Gilbert ½ marathon

Russell VanBeber – 1:47 – 20th in AG.

Philadelphia Marathon

Adela Riehle – 5:07 – Adela will be racing IM Boulder this summer.

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Ironman Arizona, Thunder Road Marathon, Charlotte, Vegas Half Marathon

Camelback Coaching athlete Sherrie Logg Ironman Arizona bike course

Camelback Coaching athlete Sherrie Logg Ironman Arizona bike course

What a day, what a day at IMAZ this year! The  forecast called for 20 percent chance of showers and a high of 72 degrees. . . . So, yeah, that prediction was SLIGHTLY off the mark, but our athletes were troopers in the all-day, all-night rain. Twenty-one started and nineteen crossed the finish line. Most importantly, all twenty-one gave their best efforts on the day. So proud of all of you!


Ironman Arizona 2015

Brad Baumgardner          13:56

Lindsey Buckman             16:39

Malorie Charley                                13:58

Clay Clark                             16:26

Pat Devine                          12:51

Amy Engel                           16:56

Jenifer Garner                   15:25

Joe Gervais                         12:33

Sharon Johnston              12:54 – 5th AG!

Tali Toncray                        11:29 – 8th AG!

Mark Livingston                                12:54

Sherrie Logg                       15:26

Dwight Lundell (cc alum) 13:06 – 1st AG!

Amber Manuelito            14:16

Susy Allan                            16:57

Heather Stein                    15:16

Brian Toncray                     12:04

Vicki Upton                         15:18

Andy Wall                            15:27

Darren West                      13:11

Ironman Arizona wasn’t the only event happening for our athletes this weekend. Frank Smith finished the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte in 4:26 taking 19th in his age group. And Jonathan Boyd completed the Vegas Half Marathon in 1:46. Congrats, guys!

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Ironman Florida, HITS Havasu Olympic, Marin Olympic, Heart of Arizona 44-mile bike ride, 2000 open water swim

How great is this weather!

We had some nice races this past weekend. First of all, congratulations goes out to Preston Miller. Preston raced IM Florida and finished in 16:24 taking 6th place in the 70-74 AG!

At the HITS Havasu Olympic TriCJ Ketterer raced to a strong 2:51 finish and won his AG! At the Marin Olympic Tri in CAMike Haenel finished in 3:03, one year after doing this race as his first triathlon.

Closer to home, Joan McGue rode in the Heart of Arizona 44-mile bike ride and finished the hilly course in 3:50. Joe Gervais swam in the 2,000 open water swim in Tempe and took 4th overall and 1st in his AG with a time of 29:27!

Reminder, tonight at 5:30pm at FASTER is our next IM lecture. We’ll cover pacing and race strategies for IMAZ. See you there!

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Phoenix Half Marathon, Phoenix 10K, Mason Half Marathon, Ohio, NYC Marathon

Ahhhh, cool weather at last! Results from the weekend!

Phoenix Half Marathon

Barb Wang      2:05 Barb is running the Tucson Marathon next month.

Phoenix 10K

Dave Frome    52:37 – 6th AG

Joan McGue    59:44 – 5th AG

Mason Half Marathon – Ohio

Frank Smith    1:57 – 3rd AG

NYC Marathon

Mike Author   5:21 Mike hurt his hamstring at mile 9 and did a great job to manage to make it to the finish!

Great job, all!

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Goodyear Sprint Tri

Congratulations to Kory McCarthy who took first overall at the Goodyear Sprint Tri this past weekend. Kory finished in 51:35, just one week after racing AZ 70.3!

Good luck to Mike Auther who is racing the NYC Marathon this weekend!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. This bodes well for IMAZ in a couple of weeks!

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Arizona 70.3, Ironman Maryland

MaLorie Charley, Coach Bill Wilson, Amber Manuelito

MaLorie Charley, Coach Bill Wilson, Amber Manuelito after AZ 70.3

What a tremendous weekend of racing! Five of our athletes enjoyed top 10 finishes in their age groups at AZ 70.3 – Brad Baumgardner, Sally Borg, Heather Grahame, Tali Klip, and Kory McCarthy. As a bonus, Heather Grahame earned a spot to the 70.3 World Championships to be held next year in Queensland, Australia, with her 2nd place finish! In addition, Seth Ellertson completed his first Iron-distance race at Ironman Maryland! Way to go, Seth, and congratulations to all of our racers!

A bit more about Brad Baumgardner. Brad suffered a hard crash on the bike and separated his shoulder. He also damaged his collarbone. He’ll find out more about that today. He picked himself off of the ground and still finished in 6:15. Hard core is hard core. Way to go Brad!

IM Maryland

Seth Ellertson – 12:07  – 1st IM! Seth did this after having the race postponed a couple of weeks ago. He managed to rearrange his schedule and then had to deal with cold, windy conditions on race day. Great example of a racer being flexible and just dealing with reality.

AZ 70.3

Eero Allison – 5:52 – 16th AG

Heather Wilson – 5:52 – 17th AG

Brad Baumgardner – 6:15 – 10th AG

Sally Borg – 6:47 – 8th AG

Malorie Charley – 6:31 – 32nd AG

Clay Clark – 7:20 – 14th AG

Susan Fischer – 7:32 – 48th AG

Heather Grahame – 6:43 – 2nd AG – WC qualifier! Heather will be heading to Australia next summer.

Tali Klip – 5:27 – 4th AG

Kevin La Ra – 6:01 – 40th AG

Peter Lofquist – 6:20 – 33rd AG

Sherrie Logg – 7:04 – 41st AG

Amber Manuelito – 6:58 – 39th AG

Shashani Marcus – 7:30 – 34th AG

Kory McCarthy – 5:24 – 10th AG

Kristin Patterson – 6:15 – 24th AG

Adela Riehle – 6:57 – 39th AG

Heather Stein – 6:42 – 17th AG

Darren West – 5:59 – 39th AG

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Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Kona, HI, Four Peaks Octoberfest 10K, Xterra Rockhopper Tri, Prescott 6er, Mesa Tri

Dana Kennedy and Kyrsten Sinema - Ironman Triathlon World Championships - Kona, Hi

Dana Kennedy and Kyrsten Sinema – Ironman Triathlon World Championships – Kona, HI

We had a super weekend of racing, which, of course, included the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona. Congratulations to our finishers Sharon Johnston, Kyrsten Sinema, Dana Kennedy, and CC alum, Dwight Lundell! It was hot and windy–nothing new–but Dwight still stood on the podium at the end of the day, taking 5th in his age group!

Ironman World Championships -Kona, HI
Sharon Johnston 14:16
Kyrsten Sinema 15:02
Dana Kennedy 15:42
Dwight Lundell 14:31

Four Peaks Octoberfest 10K
Christina Summers 50:51 3rd OA female, 1st AG

Xterra Rockhopper Tri
Paul Klusak 1:46 5th OA 2nd AG
Joan McGue 3:03 1st AG

Prescott 6er
Ric Emery 7 laps 2nd in single speed category!

Mesa Tri
Dina Scott 1:33 4th AG

Congrats to all our racers!

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Twin Cities Marathon, Silverman 70.3, Back on my Feet Marathon, Indianapolis, Tempe 5K

Dana Kennedy Kona roster Oct 2015There were some good races this past weekend! The fall weather is definitely helping!

Congratulations to Melissa Samuelson who ran the Twin Cities Marathon and PR’d in 3:54!

At the Silverman 70.3, Jennifer Klein finished her second 70.3 race in 7:06 over the tough course. Jennifer took 20th in her AG.

Frank Smith ran another marathon this month finishing the Back on my Feet marathon in Indianapolis in 4:35. This marathon was raced over a 2.2 mile looped course. Frank took 4th out of 6 runners who ran the full marathon distance.

Locally, Mike Auther ran the Tempe 5K and finished in 23:26. Mike will be running the NYC Marathon next month.

Good luck to Sharon Johnston, Kyrsten Sinema and Dana Kennedy (pictured) who are racing IM Hawaii in Kona this weekend!

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Peoria Reverse Sprint Tri

Kory McCarthy Peoria Sprint Sep 2015 bikeCongrats to Kory McCarthy for finishing 2nd overall at the Peoria Reverse Sprint Tri! Kory finished with an outstanding time of 1:06. He will be racing his first ½ IM at AZ 70.3 in a couple of weeks. Nice job Kory!

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IM Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe 70.3, Lifetime Fitness Tri, Self-Transcendence La Jolla Swim and Run, IMTUF 100-mile Run, Maui Challenge, TriRock San Diego, Nautica Malibu Tri

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema flying on the run - Lifetime Fitness Tri, Tempe

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema flying on the run – Lifetime Fitness Tri, Tempe

Lots of results to report from the weekend! Our athletes raced in Tempe, San Diego, LaJolla, Malibu, Idaho, Maui and Lake Tahoe!

Congratulations to Jona Davis, who took the overall win at the Self-Transcendence La Jolla Swim and Run. The event, now in its 31st year, consists of a 1-mile swim across La Jolla Cove, followed by a 10K run on La Jolla Shores Beach.

Todd Silva had an epic weekend at the IMTUF 100-mile run in Idaho. Todd finished the grueling event in 28:56 and took 17th overall. This is a huge result for a 100 miler! Nice job Todd!

In Maui, Frank Smith competed in the Maui Challenge, which includes a 1 mile, 5K, 10K, and Marathon run over the course of two days. He finished the 1-mile run in 7:22, the 5K in 24:13 and the 10K in 49:11. He then finished up the weekend with a 6:17 marathon in record heat. Frank’s streak of running a marathon per month has now extended to 3 years!

Also, huge congrats to Patrick Haenel, who took 3rd in his age group at Ironman Lake Tahoe. He put together just about as perfectly a paced race as you could hope for and finished in 11:41. Patrick’s dad, Mike Haenel, also competed in Lake Tahoe in the 70.3 event. This was Mike’s first Half Ironman.

And congratulations to Jennifer Klein, who took 1st in her age group at TriRock San Diego. As you’ll see below, we had plenty more podium finishers and PRs, too! Congratulations to all our racers!

Self-Transcendence La Jolla Swim and Run

Jona Davis       1st Overall

IMTUF 100-mile Run, Idaho

Todd Silva      28:56   17th overall

Maui Challenge – 1 mile + 5K + 10K + Marathon

Frank Smith    7:22, 24:13, 49:11, 6:17

Ironman Lake Tahoe

Patrick Haenel             11:41   3rd AG

Lake Tahoe 70.3

Mike Haenel                7:26     43rd AG

TriRock San Diego

Jennifer Klein              2:43     1st AG

Nautica Malibu Triathlon

Sally Borg                   3:04     6th AG

Lifetime Fitness Tri – Sprint

Kevin La Ra                1:24     6th AG

Melissa Samuelson      1:24     3rd AG

Dana Kennedy            1:26     2nd AG – PR!

Cameron Donnell        1:27     9th AG

Heather Stein              1:31     2nd AG

Kyrsten Sinema           1:32     7th AG – PR!

Preston Miller              1:43     2nd AG

Lindsey Buckman       1:55     14th AG

Joan McGue                1:57     5th AG

Roxy Genzler              2:16     27th AG

Lifetime Fitness Tri – Olympic

Seth Ellertson              2:44     21st AG

Brad Baumgardner     2:48     2nd AG

Brett Hunt                   3:07     50th AG

Adela Riehle               3:09     9th AG

Andrea Aker               3:13     15th AG

Malorie Charley          3:15     20th AG

Shashani Marcus         3:16     18th AG

Susy Allan                   3:20     6th AG

Susan Fischer              3:26     27th AG

Clay Clark                   3:35     4th AG

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