ITU World Championships, Cozumel, Mt. Rainier, Malibu Olympic, Harvest Moon 70.3, Tempe Sprint and Olympic

Pat Devine - Malibu Olympic

Pat Devine – Malibu Olympic

SO much racing this weekend! It was AWESOME! First, congratulations to Jona Davis, who raced her FOURTH ITU World Championships—this time in Cozumel—and took home an impressive 13th place in her AG in the Sprint, under muggy and hot conditions. Nice job Jona!

We also want to give a shout out to Patrick Haenel who raced IM Canada in July. Patrick took his IM fitness and applied it to climbing Mt Rainier this past weekend. Unfortunately, his team was stormed off with 75mph winds and blizzard conditions before summiting. Get ‘em next time Pat!

We had three athletes racing the iconic Malibu Olympic Tri in CA.

Malibu Olympic

Pat Devine – 2:33 – 13th in AG (pictured)

Sally Borg – 3:00 – Malibu PR and 2nd in AG!

Chris Kline – 2:55 – PR and 6th in AG!

Heather Wilson and Eero Allison raced the windy Harvest Moon 70.3 in CO. Both will be racing IMAZ in Nov.

Harvest Moon 70.3

Heather Wilson – 6:48

Eero Allison – 6:06

Lots of people at Tempe!

Tempe Sprint

Joan McGue – 1:58 – 4th in AG

Jason Prenger – 1:58 – 19th in AG

Melissa Samuelson – 1:24 – 1st in AG!!

Steve Sweeney – 1:20 – 5th in AG

Jennifer Talbot – 1:31 – 4th in AG

Jim Walton – 2:02 – 3rd in AG

Tempe Olympic

Phil Haenel – 3:09 – 22nd in AG

Tali Toncray – 2:39 – 4th in AG

Kory McCarthy – 2:23 – 3rd in AG

Marc Suarez – 3:10 – 39th in AG

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Santa Cruz 70.3

Congratulations to Joe Gervais who raced the Santa Cruz 70.3 triathlon this past weekend. Joe managed to avoid the great whites and finished in 5:27 over the challenging course. This was fast enough for 56th in his super-fast AG. Joe will be taking on IMAZ in Nov. Nice job Joe!



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Tupelo Marathon, MS, Last Chance 15K Montana, Disney Dumbo Double, FL, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Mooloolaba, Australia

Malifecent, uh, Adela Riehle - Dumbo Double Dare!

Malifecent, uh, Adela Riehle – Dumbo Double Dare!

This was such an incredible weekend of racing all the way around! Labor Day indeed! First, congratulations to our 70.3 World Championship racers. We had five of them in Australia this weekend! Also, we’d like to offer a special shout-out to Frank Smith who finished his 100th marathon this past weekend at the Tupelo Marathon in Mississippi. This race has one of the best race mottos ever – “Trample the meek, Hurdle the dead”! That is old school. Nice job, Frank!

Tupelo Marathon, MS

Frank Smith – 4:50 – 12th in AG – 100th marathon!!


Last Chance 15K – Montana

Ingrid McLellan – 1:22 – 4th overall and 1st in her AG!!

Disney Dumbo Double, FL

Adela Riehle – After finishing IM Boulder earlier this summer, Adela took on the fun challenge of racing a 10K one day and a ½ Marathon the next –  through Disney World – in costume! 10K – 1:12, ½ Mar – 2:36

Heather Grahame 70.3 World Championships

Heather Grahame 70.3 World Championships

Ironman 70.3 World Championship – Mooloolaba, AUS

Dwight Lundell – 6:27 – 7th in AG – Kona is next for Dwight.

Sharon Johnston – 6:12 – 38th in AG

Heather Grahame – 6:26 – 19th in AG – not bad after being in the sport for just a couple seasons!

Kyrsten Sinema – 6:38 – 129th in AG – PR on the swim and run!

Preston Miller – 7:24 – 18th in AG

Enjoy the cooler mornings!!!

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Childhood Cancer Sucks 5K, Ohio 70.3, Polson Olympic, Montana

Kory McCarthy

Kory McCarthy

Results from this past weekend!

Childhood Cancer Sucks 5K – Phoenix – Kory McCarthy ran a nice 19:52 and took 1st overall!

Ohio 70.3 – Our marathon man , Frank Smith, finished in 6:26 and took 47th in his AG. Frank is racing IM Maryland later this summer.

Polson Olympic Tri – Montana – Heather Grahame finished in 3:02 and took first in her AG! Heather will join Dwight Lundell and Sharon Johnston at the 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba, AUS next month!

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USAT Sprint National Championships, Beaver Chase Urban Trail Marathon, Mountain Man Half and Olympic

Jona Davis - qualified for Worlds!

Jona Davis – qualified for Worlds!

What AMAZING racing this weekend! First, congratulations to long time Camelback Coaching athlete Jona Davis who raced the Sprint National Championships in Omaha, NE this weekend. Jona finished in 8th place in her AG with a time of 1:18. Her placing qualified her the World Championships to be held next year in The Netherlands. This will be Jona’s FOURTH World Championships! She has previously competed in New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico (next month)! Way to go Jona!

We also want to congratulate Frank Smith on finishing his 99th marathon at the Beaver Chase Urban Trail Marathon in Indianapolis this past weekend. He has a streak of one marathon per month that is now 3 years and 11 months going!

Beaver Chase Urban Trail Marathon

Frank Smith – 5:56

USAT National Championships –  Sprint Tri

Jona Davis – 1:18 – 8th in AG – Worlds qualifier

Peter Ney – 1:06 – 6th in AG – Worlds qualifier

Kyrsten Sinema – 1:31 – PR for Sprint Distance! 33rd in AG.

Mountain Man ½ Ironman

Tali Toncray – 5:58 – 2nd in AG.

Brian Toncray – 6:19 – 8th in AG.

Mountain Man Olympic

Joan McGue – 3:50 – 1st in AG!

Steve Sweeney – 3:04 – 15th in AG.

Steve Sharp – 4:41 – 22nd in AG.

Marc Suarez – 3:13 – 28th in AG.

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IM Boulder, Flagstaff Off-Road Sprint Tri

Adela Riehle at IM Boulder - LOVE this race photo!

Adela Riehle at IM Boulder – LOVE this race photo!

Congratulations to CJ Ketterer and Adela Riehle who raced Ironman Boulder this past weekend! CJ finished his second IM race in 15:13 and took 19th in his AG. Adela avenged an earlier DNF at this race with a fine 15:46 and 62nd in her AG. Nice job guys!

Congratulations also go to Jennifer Talbot who raced the Flagstaff off road Sprint Tri. Jennifer had a great race in her first off road tri and took 2nd overall female!

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Ironman Vineman

Jenifer Garner IM Vineman finishCongratulations to Jenifer Garner for her race at IM Vineman this past weekend in CA. Jenifer is one of our most tenured Camelback Coaching athletes having started with us in May of 2004! She finished Vineman in 15:36 and placed 58th in her AG. This was Jenifer’s 16th Ironman race!! She has raced all over the world including Ironman Hawaii and the ITU Long Course World Championships in Australia. Keep it going Jenifer!! (BTW, this picture is of “ghost Jenifer” crossing the finish line!)

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Ironman Canada

Ironman Canada time and our athletes did awesome! Patrick Haenel had a strong race and finished in 11:17. This was good enough for 20th in his AG! His dad, Mike, raced the 70.3 in his second ½ Ironman and finished in 7:09 and took 25th in his AG. Nice job Haenels! Cory Hankins also raced his first IM at Canada and finished well in 15:39! Great job, guys!

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Racine 70.3, Flathead Lake, MT open water swim, Xmas in July 12-hour Ultra Run, Lisle, IL, Taylor House Bike Ride

Flathead Lake, MT

Flathead Lake, MT

Great racing this weekend! Congratulations to Heather Wilson and Eero Allison who raced in the Racine 70.3. Due to weather, the race was significantly changed. The swim was cancelled and the bike was shortened to 30 miles. They ended up changing the event to a 30-mile bike followed by a 13.1-mile run. It can be quite hard for an athlete to get their mind right when changes like this happen at the last second. Eero and Heather did great, though. Eero finished in 3:29 and took 30th in his AG, while Heather finished in 3:37 and took 19th in her AG.

In Flathead Lake, MTHeather Grahame competed in a ½-mile open water swim and a one-mile open water swim. She finished the sprint in 16:32 and the mile in 30:49 and took 2nd in her AG in each race.

In Lisle, ILFrank Smith competed in the Christmas in July 12-hour ultra-run. They had some timing issues, but Frank covered somewhere between 50 and 55 miles in the course of the 12 hours. He keeps his monthly marathon or longer streak alive!

We also had Joan McGue riding the Taylor House Bike Ride up in Flagstaff.

Good luck to Patrick Haenel who is racing IM Canada this weekend! His dad, Mike, is racing the 70.3. Go Haenels!

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June Lake Half Ironman, Vineman 70.3, Spring Meadow Olympic, MT, Mountain Man Sprint

Jona Davis Mountain Man Sprint Jul 2016We had a big weekend of racing with events in AZ, MT and CA. We’d like to first congratulate Mark Livingston for racing the toughest ½ IM in North America. Mark raced the June Lake ½ IM, finishing in 6:19 and taking 2nd in his AG! June Lake’s course runs through the majestic Sierra Nevada of CA, with a course elevation of 9,000 feet! Imagine Wildflower at altitude and you have June Lake. Nice job Mark!

Also, Camelback Coaching athletes finished 5th and 6th overall female in the Mountain Man Sprint! Congrats to Tali Toncray (6th) and to Jona Davis (5th) who also won 1st overall female masters athlete!

June Lake ½ IM, CA

Mark Livingston – 6:19 – 2nd in AG

Vineman 70.3, CA

Sharon Johnston – 5:48 – 8th in AG

Robin Grenko – 8:11

Spring Meadow Olympic, MT

Ingrid McLellan – 2:45 – 2nd in AG and 7th overall female!

Mountain Man Sprint, AZ

Tali Toncray – 1:18 – 2nd in Ag and 6th overall female!

Brian Toncray – 1:16 – 4th in AG

Jona Davis – 1:18 – 5th overall female and 1st masters female!

Jennifer Talbot – 1:27 – 7th in AG

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