If you are a triathlete or would like to become one, but you don’t have a swimming background, this is the package for you! Not only will you receive a customized triathlon training program, but you will spend focused time on improving your swim technique. In your first private session, you will be videotaped and have your stroke analyzed. You will follow this analysis session with two private swim lessons that will help you build your stroke from the foundation up.

If you are a fit runner or cyclist and can’t understand how you can be out of breath after two lengths of swimming, this curriculum is for you! This is probably one of the best athletic investments you’ll ever make. You can take these swimming skills with you and use them for the rest of your life. Make the choice now to change the way you swim forever!

The Swim Improvement Triathlon package includes the following:

  • First 4-week triathlon training plan*
  • Swim video analysis
  • Two private swim lessons
  • In-person, in-depth initial consultation
  • No start-up fee

*A note about this package. The pricing refers to the first time you sign up for a package. Should you wish to continue receiving training plans following the first 4-week plan that is included with your package, you would move to the triathlon training plan fee of $200 per  4-week plan. You do not have to pay the package price every 4 weeks in order to continue training with us.


This package is for the person who would like to concentrate solely on their swim improvement efforts. Learn sound swim theory including the fundamentals that world class athletes employ and yet, are applicable to every swimmer.

IM Hawaii SwimTotal Immersion is a world-renowned swim coaching methodology that emphasizes proper technique and a dedication to mindful swimming practice. If you would like to learn more about Total Immersion, please visit their website at

You will begin with a swim video analysis session and follow this with 4 private swim sessions. You will be instructed, component by component, on every aspect of the swim stroke beginning with a proper foundation that includes proper balance, alignment, and body position. You will then learn proper stroke timing, core body movement and an effective catch. Finally, you will learn an efficient recovery and balanced breathing.

If you are serious about fundamentally changing your swim stroke, then begin right here. You will learn skills to last a lifetime.

The Total Immersion Swim-Only Package includes:

  • Underwater swim video analysis
  • 4 private swim sessions