Scheduling training into your already busy life

Camelback Coaching athleteOne of the main aims of our approach is to help you get the most out of the limited time you have available to train so that you can be well prepared for your sport. Over the past 26 years, we have competed in triathlon, duathlon, and running events, while working as military helicopter pilots, managers for a Fortune 500 company, and while negotiating parenthood. We personally understand the time challenges that you face and our intent is to help you prepare for the events of your choice and still meet your other responsibilities. Anyone can tell you to train 5 hours a day. Realistic? Maybe if you are a professional athlete, but most of us are not. The trick is helping you to prepare for your event when you may only have 30 minutes to an hour a day available for training. So, we custom build a training program for you based on your personal schedule and time limitations.

Training is a science

We believe that a good coaching program should be individualized and pertinent to your own physiology, personal limitations, and current fitness level. Our coaching methods include the use of periodic fitness testing, heart rate monitors and power meters, if you have one. To ensure you get the most out of your limited training time, your program will contain specific intensities (based on your lactate threshold field test results) and durations (based on your event goals and time available to train) at which to exercise, so no time is wasted.

A common mistake for many athletes is the inclusion of “junk” miles in their training. We eliminate any unnecessary mileage and include only the training sessions that you need. Another common mistake is for athletes to “go hard” at every training session. Again, every training session has a specific purpose, and sometimes this purpose is to train at a slow, aerobic pace. Having your training properly programmed and periodized also facilitates the avoidance of injury, over training, frustration, and burnout. In the absence of a heart rate monitor, we can still develop an individualized program using the Rating of Perceived Exertion scale, though we would certainly recommend the purchase of this important training tool for you in the future.

Truly customized, individual training programs

Camelback Coaching racer on podiumWhen we say truly customized, we mean it. If an unexpected business trip pops up, just let us know and we will revise your schedule. Can’t bring your bike with you? We’ll rearrange your schedule to make the most of the facilities/equipment available to you. We plan for your travel days, too. Maybe you’re not traveling, but the kids got sick and you missed a few workouts. Again, just let us know and we’ll rework your training plan to get the most out of the remainder of the week. We maintain a constant dialogue with our athletes to ensure they’re getting the most out of their programs.

Properly periodized annual training plans

We always write your daily workouts with your yearly plan in mind. During your initial consultation, we go over your race schedule for the entire year, your goals, your limiters and training objectives. At this time, you also give us your time available for training. We then create a plan for your entire season, properly scheduling in base periods, build periods, peak, taper, and rest weeks. After lactate threshold testing to determine your training heart rates, we build your first 4-week training cycle (and subsequent training cycles) from scratch. You can be sure that this is a program made just for you.

Training with Power

The advent of the cycling power meter has radically improved training for cycling. A power meter directly measures the work being done by a cyclist and is not affected by external factors like heat, hydration levels, etc. It is because of this that many elite and professional triathletes and cyclist are training with power now. You can truly work at a given exercise intensity and get the most out of your ride time. We can develop your training plans with power zones used in lieu of HR zones. This really is the future of scientific cycling training. Improve your cycling now, start training with power!

The busy professional

Camelback Coaching athleteYou know who you are! Work, spouse, children, (sleep?), hobbies, and, oh by the way, you’re an athlete, too. Where and how on earth does training fit into a busy life like this? That’s where we come in. We design a training schedule to fit your life schedule and your goals for the season. We build quality into every single workout so no time is wasted on excess mileage or intensities that are not required. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your goals for the season and plan accordingly. You can then rest easy (mentally, anyway) because now, when it’s time to train, you just look at your schedule and go – no more fretting about what you’re going to do that day and wondering if it’s right. You have enough things to worry about. Having your training properly programmed and periodized just for you is certainly more efficient and gives you peace of mind.

From beginners to elites

For the beginner athlete, you’ve probably had the thought many times: “I’d like to try a race someday.” What stops most beginners is they don’t know where to begin. Not only do they not know how to train, they feel intimidated by the race itself. “How do I sign up?” “What are the rules?” “What equipment do I need?” It’s very easy to think yourself right out of doing what you dream of doing. In short, there is a big gray area between where you are now and your end goal. We will guide you through each step of the process so that you may realize your dream. In addition to the fitness aspect of training for running, duathlon, and triathlon, we will also assist you with knowledge in all aspects of the sports including rules, procedures, equipment, and tactics so you can participate safely and fairly. After all, participation in running events and multi-sport athletics should be fun with the ultimate goal of enhancing your quality of life.

Camelback Coaching athleteFor the intermediate athlete who has competed in several events but perhaps has hit a plateau in performance and/or wants to see what their true potential is, our customized training plans will ensure that long, low intensity training sessions are properly mixed with short, high intensity ones so that optimal results are achieved. The planned rest periods will ensure that the body adapts to the workloads and fitness improves. If you are looking to take your training and racing to the next level, then our customized training plans are for you.

For the elite athlete with high goals, our one-on-one interaction can help you reach these goals and see the most of your potential. Maybe you’ve never had a coach until now, maybe you’ve reached a plateau or maybe you’re just ready for a change. Some of the best coaches we know that participate in multi-sport are coached by someone else (they’re not self-coached). Why? It’s almost always beneficial to have an objective opinion about your training and racing. Conversations about your progress throughout the season open the possibility to new ideas, new ways of doing things and maybe pinpointing a trouble spot that has eluded you in the past.

In summary

We measure our success by not only helping you attain your performance goals, but by helping you learn how to swim, bike, run and train more efficiently and effectively. It is our hope that this will also raise your enjoyment level of running and multi-sport, as this is what it’s really all about. We look forward to guiding you in your training and watching you succeed in all your athletic endeavors!