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Should swimming hard look hard?

Swimmers are a hard lot. We enter the pool at 5:30 in the morning, swim massive yards—swim them hard—and then do it again in the afternoon. We do it day after day. No easy sets. No extra rest. All pain. All guts. No … Continue reading

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2-count vs 3-count breathing

“Do I need to swim with 3-count, or bilateral, breathing?” No. I’m surprised how many swimmers believe they MUST take three strokes between breaths. It’s just not true. A 2-count breathing pattern is perfectly acceptable. 2-count breathing means taking two … Continue reading

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Racing at Altitude

After the Ironman Lake Tahoe announcement, we have received many questions about how to race at altitude and what effects it can have on performance. The general consensus among the sports science community is that the effects from altitude are … Continue reading

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Racing in the Heat – Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons

It looks like the summer is going to be here soon, so it’s time to talk about racing in the heat! Heat is the number one inhibitor of athletic performance in endurance sports. In other words, no one races their … Continue reading

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