LACTATE THRESHOLD (LT) TESTING / $100 RUN OR BIKE     Runner on treadmill

Your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate is critical in determining your training zones. Unlike age- based HR zones, which can be inaccurate, and maximum HR-based zones, which are very difficult to determine, lactate threshold tests are very accurate, relatively easy to conduct, and truly reflect your current level of fitness. Learn the proper heart rate zones at which you should be training and have an objective tool to measure fitness improvements over the course of the year! These tests are performance-based – you will actually run on the treadmill and cycle on your bike using the Computrainer.

At the completion of your tests, you will be given recommended training zones based on your lactate threshold heart rates, specific training recommendations based on your results, and sample workouts for each training zone.

Put an end to your random training and introduce quality into every workout. Having properly calculated training zones is certainly a step in the right direction!

Cyclist on computrainer