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Machu Picchu

While Toby Baum is running around Mont Blanc and Ryan Mitchell is descending Mount Rainier, CC athlete and CC alums, Peter Lofquist, Beth Lofquist, and Cheryl Stadlman trekked up to the ancient Inca city, Machu Picchu, located high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Wonderful to see these adventurous souls in action!

Mount Rainier

Ryan Mitchell, summit of Mount Rainier

Congratulations to Ryan Mitchell who just summited Mount Rainier! Long, challenging route this year due to the conditions and locations of crevasses. He left at midnight from base camp and made the summit at 7:30am, then descended 10,000 feet to make it back by 4:30pm. A 16-1/2 hour day for this 14,411-foot peak. Huge congrats, Ryan!

UTMB – Chamonix, France

This river is the Arve that runs through Chamonix. Mont Blanc in the background.
















Wanted to share a couple of photos from Toby Baum who is in Chamonix, France this weekend for the UTMB. For those of you who do not know, UTMB stands for Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and is considered one of the hardest endurance challenges in the world. It is a 103-mile ultra-run that circumnavigates Mont Blanc in the French Alps. The total elevation gain is 31,500 feet! The race starts and finishes in the awesome mountain town of Chamonix. Most runners will take 32 to 45 hours to finish the race and will run through two nights. Toby is our first athlete to take on this challenge. You can learn more about UTMB at There is actually a weeklong festival of ultra-running that accompanies the UTMB. Good luck Toby!!


UTMB start/finish line in Chamonix

20 Bridges Swim around Manhattan

Huge congratulations to Peter Lofquist for a remarkable achievement this past weekend. Peter completed one of marathon swimming’s great events this past weekend at the 20 Bridges swim around Manhattan in NY. This open water swim circumnavigates the island of Manhattan and covers 28.5 miles. 20 Bridges is considered part of the Triple Crown of open water swimming with the others being the English Channel and the Catalina Channel. Peter completed the swim in 9:40 was 9th out of 15 starters! Great job Peter!


Photos from Zion 100-mile run – April 2018

Wanted to share these beautiful photos taken by Tali Toncray during her 100-mile run at Zion. The first two were taken off Gooseberry Mesa, the biggest climb of the race. The third was taken in the middle of the Zion course. And the last one was looking at Goosebump Mesa. Thank you for these, Tali!

Scene from Gooseberry Mesa – Zion 100-mile run












Scene from Gooseberry Mesa – Zion 100-mile run












Zion 100-mile run – middle of the course!










Goosebump Mesa – Zion 100-mile run










Zion 100, Tri-Family Sprint, Pat’s Run

Tali Toncray – Zion 100

Congratulations to Tali Toncray who ran her first 100-mile race this past weekend at the Zion 100. Tali joins Toby Baum, Kirk McCarville and Todd Silva as Camelback Coaching athletes who have run 100 miles. She finished the grueling Zion race in 29:42 and took 3rd in her AG! Nice job Tali!!


At the local Tri-Family Sprint Tri, Peter Ney logged an impressive 1:03 and took 1st overall. His race included a bike split where he averaged 26mph!

Nice job, also, to everyone who ran Pat’s Run!

Kyrsten Sinema – 32:41 – 9th in AG!
Jason Prenger – 49:03
Melissa Samuelson – 35:15
Robert Scovill – 40:42

Good luck to Dave Frome who is racing the Big Sur Marathon just two weeks after racing the Boston Marathon!

Hope to see many of you this weekend at the Cactus Man Tri!! We will have our tent set up near the finish area on Sunday.

Black Canyon 100K, Desert Duathlon, Lost Dutchman Marathon

Tali Toncray – Black Canyon 100K

Great racing this past weekend! Some cooler weather has finally arrived and that always makes racing fun!

The cool air was of particular help to Tali Toncray and Brandon Welling. Tali and Brandon ran the Black Canyon 100K race and had great times over the challenging course. Tali finished in 15 hours and Brandon finished in 13:52. Tali will be taking on her fist 100 Miler later this spring in Zion!

At the Desert Duathlon, Cheryl Stadlman and Joan McGue had solid races. Cheryl finished 11 min faster than her time last year while Joan finished in 1:44!

At the Lost Dutchman Marathon, Peter Lofquist finished the hilly course in 4:44 and took 12th in his AG!

Good luck to everyone racing the Phoenix Marathon races this weekend. The lows are supposed to be in the upper 30s. This is absolutely perfect marathon weather!

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema interviewed by

Kyrsten Sinema – Ironman World Championship, 2015. Photo: Tony Svensson/Ironman

Check out this great interview with longtime Camelback Coaching athlete, Kyrsten Sinema. Kyrsten has done so much for the sport of triathlon, particularly her work with getting women involved and participating in the sport. She talks about her work here, along with how she uses long training runs to reach out to politicians on the other side of the aisle (they run training loops with her!). Now that’s a great approach to getting the job done! Keep up the great work, Kyrsten!

IM Florida, Phoenix 10K, Phoenix 5K/10K Double, Indianapolis Marathon

“Golden Crowned Quakers” by CC athlete, Joan McGue – on exhibit at The Holland Gallery in Scottsdale

We had some big races this past weekend! Congrats to Mike Dalton who raced his first Ironman race at Ironman Florida this past weekend and finished in 13:19!! There were some nice times put in at the Phoenix 10K, too!

Instead of a race photo to go with this post, we’ve included a painting by one of our talented and longtime CC athletes, Joan McGue. The painting is titled “Golden Crowned Quakers,” and is on exhibition at the Holland Gallery in Scottsdale. So proud to have such a gifted artist in our ranks!



Mike Dalton – 13:19 – 1st IM!

Phoenix 10K
Joan McGue – 61:57 – 6th in AG!
Vince Mazzocco – 49:46 – 10th in AG!

Phoenix 5K/10K double
Dave Frome race the 5K and then followed it up with the 10K. Dave ran the 5K in 25:24 and took 3rd in his AG. He ran the 10K in 52:22 and took 2nd in the AG!!

Indianapolis Marathon
Frank Smith enjoyed some cooler weather for once this year and logged a nice 4:47 to keep his monthly marathon streak going!