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USA Triathlon National Championships, Sprint and Olympic – Cleveland, OH, Santa Cruz Olympic Tri, San Diego CVC Half Ironman Triathlon

Cortney Ellish and family – USAT National Championships, Cleveland

We had some amazing performances last weekend! Our athletes raced in San Diego, Santa Cruz and Cleveland!

USA Triathlon National Championships – Cleveland
Olympic Triathlon
Cortney Ellish – 2:22 – 57th in her AG (How much do I LOVE this photo of Cortney Smith Ellish and her family at Nationals!)



USA Triathlon National Championships – Cleveland
Sprint Triathlon
David Hay – 1:28 – 9th in his AG!

Santa Cruz Olympic Triathlon
Mike Haenel – 2:55 – 7th in AG.

San Diego CVC ½ Ironman Triathlon
Joan McGue – 7:49 – 2nd in AG!

Congratulations to Cortney, David, Mike, and Joan! Great job, guys!

Spartan Beast Obstacle Run – Snowmass, CO

We’d like to give a shout-out to Frank Smith of Cincinnati, OH. Frank is our longtime athlete who is on quite the streak of running a marathon or ultra every month. This past weekend, he mixed things up by competing in the Spartan Beast Obstacle Run in Snowmass, CO. The course was 13 miles long and contained 33 obstacles. There was over 4,000’ of elevation gain. Frank did great and finished in 5:53, taking 5th in his AG! He also qualified for the Spartan World Championships! Nice job, Frank!

Lifetime Fitness Olympic – MN, Triple Bypass Bike Ride – CO, Mountain Man Sprint and Olympic

Kathy Stanley – Mountain Man

We had some great performances last weekend!


Lifetime Fitness Olympic Tri – MN

Marc Suarez – 2:59. Marc will be racing IM Chattanooga and IMAZ later this season!


Triple Bypass Bike Ride, CO – 118 miles with 10,000’ of climbing!

Eero Allison – 8:13


Mountain Man Sprint, AZ

Kathy Stanley (pictured) – 1:19 – course PR! And first in AG!

Zach Williams – 1:28 – 5th in AG in his second ever tri!


Mountain Man Olympic

Andrew Broderick – 2:51 – PR!

Cortney Ellish – 2:47 – 3rd in AG!


Stay cool and have a great weekend!

Roth Iron Distance Tri, Germany, Heartland Series 50K, Ohio, Phoenix 4-miler, Lake in the Hills Sprint Tri

Jenifer Garner – Roth, Germany

We had some nice mid-summer results from this past weekend!

First, congratulations to Jenifer Garner (pictured) who raced the Roth Iron distance tri in Germany on Sunday. Jenifer is a longtime Camelback Coaching athlete who has raced 16 Ironmans. This was her first race in Roth. Roth is the most iconic of all the European long course races. It has been around the longest and was the original Ironman Germany race. Jenifer finished in 14:44. Way to go, Jenifer!
In Bryan, OH,Frank Smith completed the Heartland Series 50K run. He finished in 6:28 and kept his monthly marathon streak alive!
Joan McGue had fun on the 4th of July and raced a local 4- miler here in Phoenix. She finished in 39:29 and took 1st in her AG! Nice job, Joan!
Finally,a result from a couple of weekends ago. Terry Crowley had a chance to race a sprint tri while in Chicago. Terry raced the Lake in the Hills Sprint Tri and finished in 1:59 over the 800m swim, 15.5 mile bike and 4 mile run. Great work, Terry!

Victoria 70.3 – Canada, Deuces Wild Half Ironman, Phoenix 5K, Blue Ridge Series 50K’s – TN, SC, NC, Dipsea Trail Run – Marin, CA

Eero Allison – Dipsea Trail Race

We had some great race results from this past weekend and another big result from the weekend before that!

First, we want to congratulate Brad Lundahl who race the Victoria 70.3 in Canada on June 3rd. Brad finished in an impressive time of 5:59 and took 44th in his AG. His goal was to break 6 hours! Victoria BC is a beautiful place to race. If you’re looking for a great travel destination race, be sure to check this one out. Brad had nothing but good things to say about the weather, course and volunteers!



Then, from this last weekend:

Deuces Wild Half Ironman
Mary Monell – 7:47 – 2nd in AG!

Phoenix 5K
Joan McGue – 29:41 – 1st in AG!

Blue Ridge Series 50Ks
Frank Smith– This was a race of three 50K runs in three days in states around the Southeast. Way to go, Frank!
Erwin, TN – 6:57
Hendersonville, NC – 7:29
Greenville, SC – 7:39

Dipsea Trail Run – Marin County, CA – 109th running of the best trail race in the US!
Eero Allison (pictured) – 1:22 – 560th place of 1362 starters.

Have a great weekend and stay cool in our first days of real summer heat!!!

IM Brazil

Congratulations to Naman Parekh who raced Ironman Brazil last weekend! Naman finished the tough course in 12:02 and took 31st in the 50-54 AG! He had well-rounded splits with a swim of 1:10, a bike of 6:24 and a solid marathon of 4:13. Nice job, Naman!

Ironman Santa Rosa, Colfax Marathon

Frank Smith – Colfax Marathon

We have a couple of nice race results to catch you up on! First, we want to send our congratulations to Geoff Zimmerman who raced Ironman Santa Rosa two weekends ago. Geoff raced in the M65-69 division and finished in 16:44. He took 13th in his AG! Nice job Geoff!

And last weekend, long time CC athlete Frank Smith (pictured) completed the Colfax Marathon in 5:01 and took 73rd in his division. This was Frank’s 142nd marathon or ultra. He has a steak of completing a marathon or longer every month that has now reached 6 years and 8 months! Running has a long history of streaks and Frank’s is as impressive as any we’ve seen!

St. George 70.3, Flying Pig Marathon, OH, Rocky Point Tri, Cactus Man Sprint and Olympic

What a HUGE weekend for racing! Camelback Coaching athletes were out in force this weekend and posted some impressive results. Great job to all our athletes!

St. George 70.3
Liz Flint – 7:59
Jenifer Garner – 7:00 – Jenifer is racing Roth in July!
Terry Crowley – 7:25

Flying Pig Marathon, OH
Frank Smith – 4:48. Franks keeps his monthly marathon streak going strong!

Rocky Point Sprint Tri
Jodi Ehrlich – 1:22 – 3rd in AG and 5th overall female!

Cactus Man Olympic
Andrew Broderick – 3:01 – 18th in AG
Cortney Ellish – 2:46 – 2nd in AG (pictured- happy girl!)
Brad Lundahl – 2:48 – 10th in AG
Jason Prenger – 4:25 – 26th in AG
Dan Streeter – 2:19 – 2nd in AG

Cactus Man Sprint
Susy Allan – 1:56 – 7th in AG
Rebecca Felmly – completed the swim leg for training.
David Hay – 1:33 – 2nd in AG – David is preparing for the Sprint World Championship in Switzerland later this summer!
Joan McGue – 1:55 – 1st in AG!
Kathy Stanley – 1:23 – 1st in AG!
Zach Williams – 1:38 – 11th in AG – this was Zach’s first ever triathlon!

Congratulations, everyone!

Earth Day Half Marathon, MN

Congratulations to Marc Suarez who raced the Earth Day ½ Marathon last weekend in MN. Marc finished in 2:09. He is preparing to race IM Chattanooga and IMAZ later this season! Have a great weekend and enjoy the warmer weather!

Stride for Sight 5K

Congratulations to Scott and Melissa Wiegand who ran the Stride for Sight 5K this past weekend. Melissa finished in 31:07 and Scott finished in 36:07.

Have a great weekend!